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The hilarity and truth in stereotypical social media skits spices up our social media feeds catching us off guard with whatever nostalgic or relatable joke they throw at us.

/ 9 September 2020

Your tita in parties you secretly hate, the romanticization of telenovelas, that guy who is always late in class—stereotyping is a common comedy skit. But we always get caught in surprise by all these stereotyping jokes because they’re relatable and fun. Just recently, there’s been a surge of social media comedians that are serving us this humor; and Auntie Julie approves this trend!

Comedy is one of the biggest genres in the country and at some point, we’ve become the happiest nation in the world. Today, stereotyping and short skits have become trends simply with the help of TikTok which allows 60 seconds of duration that’s more than enough for a short laugh. But sometimes, the laughs linger and we remain dazed and confused on how a very simple act can leave us in a trance. But hey, there’s truth in these skits that are just magnetic and contagious. So then, we’ll keep retweeting and reposting it until another viral weird humor rises out of a mundane and fairly normal everyday scenario. 

Now, let’s look at some of the biggest viralmakers in social media today that are boosting the comedy genre in these depressing times. Because comedy never goes stale, and even more, became mobile right from our hands.


Macoy Dubs

It needs no introduction for Macoy Dubs who’s been seasoned in social media since 2017 for his viral streak of comedy. Starting out with a dubbed version of movies like Mean Girls and The Devil Wears Prada, he’s been consistently serving us the relatable humor that netizens are gagged for. In Mean Girls, he revises the script to include local references such as the expression “Kabog!” and making notes of Divisoria which just hits us by surprise. He also had a call series where he mimics different jobs such as a Mang Inasal hotline, government office employee, and more, which you can identify because most of us have encountered these people.

He even took on a new persona in Auntie Julie, a rich tita from Poveda who is serving truths in candied humor. Making it seem like she’s an actual person, Macoy uses a consistent narrative by adding her son, Roberto, and niece, Cassandra, into the act. She is the stereotype tita most of us can relate to, who acts as a sophisticated lady with cheery gestures and loves to give comments about things. Inspired by his mother’s catch up with friends, he caught the vibe perfectly and translated it well for his audience therefore they relate to it as if she’s a real woman.


Auntie Julie


Call series


Davao Conyo

Roy Phillip Hernandez, best known as Davao Conyo, has been around social media for years but continues to make viral with his comedic short stints. As his moniker suggests, he uses his Davaoeño accent with hints of conyo and replaces film lines with his own then adds a twist of parody and local references to make relatable comedy. Because of this, he’s been navigating social media receiving massive following for his clever series from time to time. His most current narrative is the Teleserye series which pokes fun at the acting and stereotyping in local telenovelas. Here, he would use sounds to evoke a shift in emotions and typical lines and story of Filipino romance such as introducing the woman to the man’s family only not to be accepted for being poor and judged as a golddigger. This is a usual scenario in local mainstream so people get hooked to it because it’s a clever take on what we see everyday on our televisions.



Marie Kondo Teaching Filipinos How to Clean

Marie Kondo teaching Filipinos How to Clean #DavaoConyo #DavaoConyoDub #Philippines #LegitSaLazMall

Posted by Davao Conyo on Sunday, 30 August 2020

If Wakanda were located in the Philippines

If Wakanda were located in the #Philippines#DavaoConyo #DavaoConyoDub #Barter #GetGetAwScene from Marvel Studios' Black Panther

Posted by Davao Conyo on Sunday, 19 July 2020


Pinoy Teleserye series


Marvin Fojas

“Bhieee…” Fojas has been making rounds recently for his relatable skits that draw on stereotyping Filipinos in mundane scenarios. Such include that irritating kid who wants to borrow whatever toy you have, classroom shenanigans that take you back to good old days, and some parodies. What gets us off guard is his funny face and relatable actions that somehow makes you feel like that’s how you reacted when you’re on his skit’s situation. It’s these simple scenarios that are fun and reminiscent of those simple days that you’re free from the pressures of life and society. For Fojas, who’s been successful in serving us these whimsical acts, you get the idea that people are drawn to comedy that reflects mutual truths for him and his audience.