As we all know A24 is known for its outstanding works of horror and mind wrecking films, but did you know that they are also home of cathartic films starring Anya-Taylor Joy, Awkwafina, and Joe Cole from The Peaky Blinders? The Feed listed the best A24 films for you to watch this weekend.

/ 25 June 2022

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%
The Feed Rating: 5/5

Perhaps the greatest multiverse movie out there. The film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is much crazier than it appears in the trailers make it seem like it will be. It is packed to the brim with so many unique and peculiar ideas and notions that no respectable filmmaker in their right mind would ever dare to include in their film, but it does so with flair. I don’t want to write any further. Just go watch it! It won’t disappoint.

The Farewell

Rotten Tomatoes: 97%
The Feed Rating: 4/5

Billi, a New York City-based pianist who is 30 years old. She is having a hard time making ends meet after being turned down for a scholarship. When she was a small child, their family moved to the United States. The majority of her background is American. Then one day, it has brought to her attention that her grandmother has cancer and is in her final days. Her family has come to the conclusion that it is best to follow family protocol and keep the diagnosis a secret from the dying grandmother. They want to stage a wedding ceremony and reception in China before they return home. Billi has some reservations about continuing with the deception. The soundtracks were a notable element in this movie. It’s a film with unexpected catharsis after you finish watching it.

Lady Bird

Rotten Tomatoes: 99%
The Feed Rating: 5/5

This coming-of-age narrative takes place in Sacramento, California, and stars Laurie Metcalf and Saoirse Ronan as the mother and daughter.  Ronan’s character has a very eventful senior year and must contend with a wide range of challenges. The movie was so well made that Ronan and Metcalf’s performances in Lady Bird won nominations for the Academy Awards in the categories of Best Actress and Supporting Actress, respectively. In addition, it was up for consideration for the awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.

The Witch

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%
The Feed Rating: 4/5

The Witch is a historical horror film that is widely esteemed. It is set in Puritan America in the year 1630. The story focuses on one particular farming family as they go into the woods to raise their children and livestock, only to discover that their lives are disrupted by indications of witchcraft during their time there. This movie is effective, for the most part, because it takes a genuine approach to the subject matter. Rather than relying on computer-generated ghosts or jump scares, it focuses on the psychology of the characters in the story.

A Prayer Before Dawn

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%
The Feed Rating: 3/5

The film “A Prayer Before Dawn” is a blend of the two genres, but what makes it truly special is that it is based on the true story of the English boxer William “Billy” Moore, and Joe Cole gives an outstanding performance as Moore. The narrative of the boxer who was addicted to heroin and was imprisoned in Thailand and transferred to an infamous prison, where he learned Muay Thay and won an important competition that changed his life. The narrative is unique in that it looks like a documentary and everything that happened was filmed in real time.