/ 6 August 2022

FOUR public school teachers were among the Outstanding Filipinos awardees of Metrobank Foundation this year.

Junmerth Jorta, Teacher 1, had a major role in the community of Matigsalug’s public school Keupiyanan Te Balugo’s founding. He travels in difficult terrain and risks his life to teach native students and to lead neighborhood initiatives to alleviate hunger and illiteracy.

The second awardee is Christine Joy Dr. Aguila, Ph. D., Special Science Teacher 5 in Philippine Science High School education, who has made significant contributions to the academics in the fields of assessment and excellence in education.

Meanwhile, two professors from different universities also received the award.

Mark Nolan Confesor, Ph. D., of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, initiated the establishment of the Soft Matter and Biological Physics Laboratory, the first of its kind in the country. In 2016, he was elected as the youngest dean of the College of Science and Mathematics of the University where he mentors the next generation of Filipino physicists.

The fourth is University of the Philippines Manila professor Leonila F. Dans M.D., the first pediatric rheumatologist in the
Philippines. She was in charge of putting the
first master’s degree in science from Southeast Asia training course in clinical epidemiology. She broadens her knowledge to improve general medical care in rural locations.

Each of them will receive a cash incentive of P1 million, a golden medallion and “The Flame” trophy.

Metrobank Foundation president Aniceto Sobrepeña lauded the awardees for their accomplishments.

“I believe that the evolving national situation emphasizes the need to celebrate excellence. It’s a quality that’s difficult to achieve, even more so when the circumstances are less than ideal. Now, at a time of crisis, our 10 awardees prove that this seemingly impossible task is attainable. Excellence can persist and shine through even in dire conditions,” Sobrepeña said.