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In celebration of her 40th anniversary, Julie's Bakeshop is reminding us all why she's the icon that she is with an unapologetic and fierce attitude packaged in a delicious pandesal.

/ 14 April 2021

We are truly entering a new age of advertising with all these bizarre ads from both well-known and new local brands. From that RC Cola ad, the Mega Tuna commercial, and a lot more, local advertisers are starting to move towards laughter, confusion, and big questions of “what just happened?” with ad agency GIGIL at its forefront—the mad creatives behind all of these infamous viral campaigns.

Its most recent project fits the bill just right with yet another spot that got the country talking for how unconventional and strange it is, and its message on “Tita shaming.”


Titled “Harina is Shaking sa Newest Film for Julie’s 40th Year Anniversary!” (we promise we didn’t make that up), the story starts off at the gym with a pair of young men mocking two older women who are working out at the side. One of the men is more outspoken than the other, with constant jabs on the women’s age and how they have no place in the gym.

In comes Tita Julie who literally turns the man into bread as he continues to spew jokes on titas working out, and what they should be doing instead. He is transformed into bread, cut into bite-sized pieces, and baked inside a blazing oven. All this while the others stand by in astonishment at Tita Julie’s shenanigans.

In the end, delicious pandesal is served with a message on Julie’s Bakeshop staying fresh at 40 years, and a general call to #StopTitaShaming.

Although the narrative plays on absurdities and extremely imaginative scenarios, it also offers a look into the very real issue of sexist ageism surrounding titas, or any woman that society deems as “too old to be doing so and so.” That involves going to the gym, dressing up in certain outfits, or doing anything outside the confines of what we define a tita to be: an older woman who spends her time with other kumares in local cafés gossiping and “making chika.

To that, Julie’s Bakeshop says: Turn them into bread.

Watch the whole spot below: