/ 30 April 2021

DESPITE the challenges brought by the pandemic to various industries, the  animation sector has been resilient and the demand for animators has not waned, an industry expert said.

Recent studies by the Animation Council of the Philippines showed a steady increase in the demand for animators in different fields of expertise such as 2D, 3D and special effects.

Around the globe, an  exponential increase on the demand for content that requires animation has alao been reported.

Studies said that there is a 34 percent job demand for 2D animation, 22 percent for web animation, 21 percent for 3D animation and 13 percent for special effects.

Animation careers are available in different applications such as advertising, television, movies, corporate applications (architecture, medicine, etc.), and game development.

During a recent webinar organized by Makati-based iACADEMY, the school’s Animation Program Chair and Animation Council of the Philippines Board of Trustee Weena Espardinez associated the boom of animation jobs with the “need of content.”

“Animation remains a relevant industry despite the pandemic,” Espardinez said.

She explained that the Covid19 pandemic compelled people to stay at home, thus fueling the need for content.

In Asia alone, there are 4,409 animation studios —  all and big —  trying to keep up with the demand for content.

iACADEMY is the first to offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation in the Philippines.

The school is also the first Toon Boom Center of Excellence in Asia. It is also the first one to be accredited by Toon Boom in the region and offers a 1:1 student to software ratio in terms of the use of Toon Boom. Toon Boom is the leading software used by the biggest names in the 2d animation industry.

iACADEMY also boasts of its pool of professors who worked in industry giants like Disney, LucasFilms, Cartoon Network, among others.

“Whether or not you are good in drawing, iACADEMY is sure to train you and equip you not only with the basics of animation but also with the support and skills that you need to pursue a career in animation,” Espardinez said.