/ 28 February 2021

A STUDENT group at the University of the East-Manila launched financial assistance program to student-athletes and former student assistants.

Justine Calatong, president of the University Student Council, said the student body initiated the program because of the council’s commitment to serve the interest of the students.

“We recognize the hard work of our student-athletes and former student assistants dedicated in our university. We know that this crisis really challenged them, but we want them to feel that we are still here to support them despite the situation,” Calatong said.

“We are there when they bring victories and pride in our alma mater and in times like this, we would like to bring back to these hardworking students,” she added.

Calatong stressed the project will help many students to continue their education amid the crisis brought by the Covid19 pandemic.

“The council is hopeful that this project will be inherited by the future batches of the council to serve more students in the coming years. Let us make this a long-term project of the USC,” Calatong said.

The application for financial assistance starts on March 1.

Requirements and application process will be announced on the UE Manila-USC Facebook.