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Virtual yakaps, anyone? In times like these, we can never have too many sources of support and positivity to take care of ourselves. See how this department opens up its UP Mental Health Month with some much-needed TLC for the ever-anxious youth.

/ 6 October 2020

As we constantly strive to adapt to our new reality, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with anxiety and pressing existential questions in these turbulent times. This case is even stronger among students as they grapple with the demanding expectations and requirements of online classes without their friends beside them, and the uncertainty of their future after university.

In an effort to broaden its program centered around the human psychology and how to take care of it, the UP Diliman Psychological Services (PsycServ) announced a special research project to offer free therapy sessions for UP Diliman students. The sessions are set to go on from mid-October to December 2020 as the department states that it aims to “enhance and add to the programs” it currently offers with the first step being this research stage.

UPDATE: Sign-ups are now closed.—#YakapIsko #UPMHM2020#UPDPsycServ We are offering 8 weeks online psychotherapy…

Posted by UPD PsycServ on Monday, September 28, 2020

The announcement was made last week on the UP Diliman PsycServ Facebook page. As soon as the posting was shared, the limited 40 slots were immediately filled up with students from the university seeking professional guidance.

Earlier this year, when quarantine was first implemented in the country, the UP Diliman PsycServ department also offered similar services to anyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This included frontliners, patients, relatives of patients, and anyone disturbed by the current events. Individuals who needed someone to talk to were able to lean on the PsycServ volunteers for mental support through secure video sessions.

On top of these limited personal services, the department is also very active online with activities that aim to teach the youth how to take care of their own mental well-being. The team behind it would consistently host Zoom webinars and events discussing emotions, anxieties, and more, while fostering an online environment of solidarity and togetherness. In fact, they have dedicated October to UP Mental Health Month with a full lineup of activities that students and faculty members are free to join in on to be with other people going through the same things as them.

Virtual Yakap: Supporting Yourself and Others’ Mental Health during QuarantineNarito na ang lineup ng online events na…

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Check out these student-led initiatives and events in celebration of the UP Mental Health Month ????

Posted by UPD PsycServ on Friday, October 2, 2020


The whole program from the university is a welcome initiative to give students’ mental health the attention it deserves. This will only inspire and challenge other universities to replicate the program in their own communities to foster understanding and general well-being for their own students.

In times like these, we can never have too many sources of support and positivity to take care of ourselves.