Letters of Youth


/ 5 October 2020

I’m an idealist. I always strive for perfection or be better at everything. I believe that we can all attain a certain knowledge and skill if one exerts a massive effort, dedication, passion, and hard work. I don’t settle for the rest but rather aim to be the best. I always love the spotlight, I’m an attention seeker. I loathe the feeling of being left behind nor ignored even though that’s what I often felt and gained to. In this big world, I’m a dreamer yet pretender. People around might see me as an optimistic and unbothered being but I endlessly felt anxious and agitated. Maybe because deep down I know that there’s only a diminutive probability for me to achieve my dreams and goals due to earthly temptation, desires and distractions all over. I’m afraid I cannot fulfill those purposes if ever I fall into the trap.

I often found myself in a wide and huge place with a lot of people circling the location. I looked up to the stage then I saw her. A confident woman speaking standing on a podium, behind her some phrases says “University of the Philippines batch 2024-2025 Graduation Ceremony” from that moment I knew it. The brave and strong woman who is currently inspiring the masses with her words of wisdom in me. My future self. I can sense that she is well developed, stable, healthy and the sparks of happiness can finally spot in her eyes. She is wearing a beautiful white Filipiniana inspired dress with her sablay. With thousands of eyes looking up to her throughout the venue, her gaze only focused on one person in the crowd. An old man sitting with tears in his eyes. He is proud. He is my papa.

“Another chapter has been closed and a new journey ahead to conquer, my past life lessons will serve as my light along to the dark and mysterious path voyage that I’m going to trail. The agony and anguish that I’ve felt which shaped me for who am I today will be my shield to the misery and truths of reality. I step outside beyond my comfort zone, there’s no turning back. This day came, we finally have wings now to fly, soar high and together, we can change the future.” As she ended the speech, applauses were being echoed over the site. She walked down to the stage crying happily and hugged her dad tightly while saying “Papa, we did it, this is for you”. “Anak, I’m so proud of you,” her dad replied while softly patting her back because her dreamy little girl before is now a mature lady who reached her first step of success.

Every day we live, everyday we change and every day we doubt ourselves. The danger is everywhere so as the challenges that our world is facing. I dream big among teens around my age, I have many advocate plans in my mind that I badly want to imply for the betterment. I always unexpectedly see myself in the position of wanting to change the future. Prove that the “youth” is and will always be the hope of our motherland. I want to combat poverty, raise awareness, and help the sovereign people to open their eyes and minds to their rightful rights and face of our reality. But I don’t have the power nor authority to do that because merely I’m still a student and an individual who also needs help and guidance. That’s why amid all predicament and difficulty that life is giving me, I still try. I still rise and stand tall. I’m not a quitter but rather still hope, pray, chase and work hard because I believe this is the key to open the door of paradise where everything’s serene, blissful, exalted, and verdant. A place that is nondiscriminatory, neutral, and equitable and where love is the only dominant thing. Also, the place that I always dreamt of dreaming. Soon, I will make my fantasies into my reality. Myself is swearing that I will be the catalyst for change.