/ 12 September 2020

AN ALLIANCE of student organizations in the Rizal Technological University launched a petition seeking the postponement of the opening of classes.

On September 8, organizations from RTU’s Mandaluyong and Pasig campus filed a petition asking that the class opening be moved ‪from September 14 to October 5, 2020.

The groups said the Sept. 14 schedule was “premature” and that most students were not fully informed.

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs announced the opening of classes on September 10 via social media.

The groups also called for the extension of the deadline of payment of unsettled tuition and other fees for the upcoming school year.

The groups who signed the petition from the Mandaluyong campus were the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council, College of Business and Entrepreneurial Technology Student Council, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Student Council, Architecture Society, Association of Computer Students, Electronics and Communications Engineering and Technology Students’ Society, Industrial Engineering and Technology Society, Instrumentation and Control Society, Junior Financial Executives, Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, Organization of Biotechnology Students, Organization of Statistics Students, Civil Engineering Students’ Society, Political Science Society.

For the Pasig campus, the signatories were the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council, Association of Electronics Engineering and Technology Students, Integrated Psychology Students’ Association, Junior Office Management Association, Philippine Association of Students in Office Administration, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – Association of Civil Engineering Students, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Political Science Society, and RTU – Rise for Education.