Our designers and developers are just as talented as those from major international studios, and here's a list to prove it.

/ 25 September 2020

The video game industry is one world that only continues to grow and evolve throughout the years with new technologies making for more sophisticated gameplay and stunning graphics. Thousands of games have immortalized beloved characters and icons in pop culture, that even non-gamers can identify Mario with his red hat and blue overalls, and a green diamond is immediately associated with The Sims franchise.

Several developments from Asia have also made significant steps in further enriching the wild and colorful world of video games, mostly coming from one of the largest game developing countries in the world, Japan. In the Philippines, we are also known for all the Filipino names gradually making it to the top of the credits list across major video games and animation studios from all around the globe.

What a lot of people might not know, though, is that the Philippines also has its own contributions to the ever-growing gaming community, right in the heart of the archipelago. Filipinos themselves generally are unaware of the talent our local artists and developers have, mostly because of the lack of support for these games in terms of funding for promotions, technology, and more.

However, the good news is that we can help out in a very simple and fun way: playing video games. The best way for us to uplift and support Filipino-based game developers is to show investors and funding firms that the local industry is one that deserves attention, and actually has potential to be profitable.

If we give these games the love and recognition they rightfully deserve, and the big corporations with the big bucks finally cash out and support them, it can only bring our community good things: more games for us that show off our culture and talent, more jobs for artists and developers, and even more economic movement for the country.

Here’s some to get you started:


Potion Punch and Potion Punch 2

Developed by indie game studio Monstronauts, the Potion Punch franchise is a successful mobile game where players run their own potion shop in a vibrant and incredibly fun time management game.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store


Bayani — Fighting Game (Kanino Ka Kakampi?)

Ranida Games first launched the Bayani teasers back in 2016, with the full game finally being released in 2019. The game is a classic fighting game starring some of our national heroes such as Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, and more, beating each other up with geographical landmarks in the background.

Available on: Windows PC


Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure

Following the classic escape room genre, developers Big Giant Games was able to produce a challenging puzzle game at par with other popular titles in the category. The premise is simple enough; players find themselves trapped in jail and urged to escape through the Himalayas.

Available on: Google Play Store and App Store


Project Xandata

This one is a stunning first-person shooter best played with friends. Created by Secret 6, the game is entirely customizable with classes, weapons, special powers and other features inspired by local elements. Project Xandata is an impressive entry to the co-op shooting genre that, in our humble opinion, can give gameplays in titles such as Spellbreaker, Valorant, and Fortnite a run for their money.

Available on: Windows PC


Honorable mentions:

Games in development that you can actually support in voting spirit and in cash


Himig (simulation game)


Blink Dagger Z (action platform game)


Putahe ng Ina Mo (cooking game)

Filipino game developer Gwen Foster also shared her own Twitter Thread on indie games that could use some more hype. The list includes both launched games and titles that are still in development.