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Rustan's shares six heartwarming stories of love that showcases its significance this Valentine's season.

/ 12 February 2021

Rustan’s,  the country’s premier department store, shares the stories of six personalities who open up about how they show their love for their pets, kids, husband, wife, and siblings during this trying times, their Valentine’s gift list for them, their take on “Love In All Forms”, and how they show their love for the people around them. 

DIVINE LEE-GO, on her kids Baz and Blanca

Blogger and host Divine Lee-Go shared that they are a cuddly family who loves playing games. “I’m also very hands on with my kids, making sure that even if we are stuck at home- they’re having the best time of their lives. Baz is a very active kid and loves anything sports related. Blanca on the other hand loves pretend play,” Divine shares. 

Asked about her view on “Love In All Forms”, Divine says “There’s no except definition of love. It’s even hard to describe and put in words. The campaign is perfect and inclusive. Love is felt in different forms.” She adds, “My love language has always been time. And I agree that the silver lining of this pandemic is that I never miss a milestone. I consider working from home a blessing because it allows me more time to be with my family.”

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HEART EVANGELISTA-ESCUDERO, on her dog Panda (and other pets)

“I’m very happy to spend time with them now. Although I’m always with Panda because she goes with me wherever I go even if I’m shooting or filming, so it’s really nice that my fur buddies keep me company especially since I have anxiety and my husband’s always away,” shares the actress. 

For her Valentine’s gift list for her pets, Heart said she likes giving them collars and treats. She also looks for nice beds and comfy mats, though most of them do sleep with her on the bed. She wishes to be able to take them with her to a trip where they can run around especially now that everyone’s stuck at home.

“My take on “Love In All Forms” would be to love all kinds of breeds or no breeds. It’s like beauty beyond breed. It’s a campaign I actually did for PAWS. And I do foster and adopt aspins; Panda is actually an aspin and Cheche is an aspin. It doesn’t really matter if they have a breed or they were expensive, it’s the same thing, pets can still give you the most unconditional love. I am very very blessed to have them with me.”

“Show your love for your pets by making sure that they’re healthy. I make sure that I feed them properly by giving them the right dog food or I even have their food cooked like boiled carrots because I really want them to have long lives with me. It’s like taking care of a child; the responsibility of a pet owner isn’t a joke,” says Heart.

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VICTOR BASA, on his wife Stephanie

Victor Basa shares that he shows his love for wife Stephanie by being supportive and spending quality time together. “Getting away from our gadgets and walking outside in the village together is how we spend quality time. We also go swimming, we sing and play guitar–oh! and we also enjoy playing competitive ping pong against one another” he shares.

In his take on “Love In All Forms”, Victor says, “Love in all ways and at all times. Love is definitely a multifaceted thing, it is preserving, protecting, nurturing and honoring. It enables grace and the forgetting of oneself.”

“The bible says to do everything out of love.  That we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are not to choose who we are to love but we ought to choose to love all in all circumstances.  It’s difficult because we can’t do it on our own but with God we can.”

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RICA DE JESUS, on her husband James

During weekends we love getting out of the city and exploring the Philippines. We love trying new adventures,” says blogger and mom Rica De Jesus. “My Valentine’s gift wish list for James is either a Santos de Cartier watch with multi purpose strap or something from the Montblanc The new M_Gram 4810 collection.”

Rica also adds, Just like love comes in all forms, love is also for everyone not only for couples.  We give and share love with our family, our friends and our employees. So when it is Valentine’s Day, we give presents to all the ladies. Just like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a day for giving and sharing love through our tokens.  It does not have to be big, because it is always the thought that counts. As my husband always says, ‘Valentine’s Day is everyday’ continued by me ‘……..on FULL SPEED'”

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Television anchor and host Lexi Schulze has a close relationship with her sister Georgia. “It was a tough time for us both as we didn’t get to see each other throughout the first year of the pandemic. That being said, there were always tiny gestures here and there, from Banana Bread sent my way from her kitchen, to personalized gifts I found online for her and her four beautiful daughters (whose birthdays all fell within quarantine),” she shares.

Her Valentine’s gift list for her sister is something Georgia can use for her home—specifically for entertaining. “She’s very proud of what she’s created for her family, and she’s always happy to share that joy by inviting friends over. Sadly she hasn’t had a chance to invite huge groups over, but it’s never a bad thing to be prepared for the future.  Anyone lucky to have dined at Georgia’s knows she’s an awesome cook. But the bar can use some stocking up, and that’s where her big sister comes in. Rustan’s has a beautiful rose gold bar cart that my girly-girl sister would absolutely love! And with it will come all the ingredients to her current favorite cocktail—the Aperol Spritz…so she can leave my stash alone!” she happily exclaims.

Lexi also shares, “Those who know me know that I’m not one for mush, and this isn’t my favorite of the holidays. But seeing it from a different perspective, and finding a pocket of time to celebrate the love of, say, a sister, appealed to me. My wish for everyone this Valentine’s Day—especially during such unprecedented times. DON’T WAIT. Reach out to those who mean the world to you. Tell them you love them. And show them if you can…in whatever creative, resourceful way you can muster during the pandemic. It will mean the world back.” 

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Mom-of-four and baker Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario says that she shows her love for her sister Lexi by constantly checking in on each other. They also message quite a bit, but also, give each other space when necessary. “This is very new territory for everybody – having to manage your ‘new normal,’ along with taking extra precautions to stay safe, and we are all learning to cope together, in our own way. This can cause strain on relationships, as well as internal struggles. So right now, the best way to show love is through understanding, acceptance of differences, and empathy.”

“I would love to get Lexi something that has to do with coffee – she’s the coffee queen! Though I don’t share her appreciation for this morning staple, I’m in awe of how vast her knowledge on the subject is. I love the kitchen craft serenity canisters. That paired with the Gorenje coffee grinder and the Bodum Chambord coffee maker in chrome would make a lovely Valentine’s Day package,” shares Georgia when asked for her wish list for her sister Lexi.

Georgia adds, “Love can seem complex because there are so many different ways to show it and feel such a strong emotion. But love in its entirety is very simple, and that is because to love is to simply follow your heart. When you love someone, you fight for them. Relationships of all kinds can get complicated, but the strongest ones will pull through because there’s something very powerful driving it. The best way to show love everyday is to love and accept yourself. It sounds cliche, but I find I am able to love others to the best of my ability when I am in full acceptance of who I am.”

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Truly, being able to show your love in whatever shape or form it comes in will mean the world to your loved one. Let Rustan’s help you pick out gifts to celebrate Love In All Forms, not just on the day of hearts but all year round.

If you’re more on the sentimental side or would just like to make your gift more unique, Rustan’s offers personalization services this coming Valentine’s Day weekend. From February 12 – 14 (Friday – Sunday), you can have your items engraved or embossed with a minimum purchase single receipt of P5,000 worth of products from Home, Fashion, Kids, Beauty and Fine Jewelry from your fave Rustan’s stores:

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