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After all these years, inline skating is still a thing among Filipino millennials. We listed the spots where you can try them!

/ 30 December 2020

If you’re an avid user of Tiktok or Instagram, you may have already come across videos of Pinoy millennials who are in their roller skates along the busy streets of Ayala, Makati or Taguig.


Via Tiktok : @aduertelim


But let us be real, places in Manila where you could skate safely and undisturbed are rare. For this article, we made a list of accessible areas where people can enjoy inline skating.

(Some spots may require permit/restrict activities such as inline skating due to the Covid-19 quarantine)


1.) Intramuros Manila

Intramuros has a lot of free spaces for walking, jogging, biking, and inline skating. The place is also full of tourist spots and benches where you can rest from time to time.


2.) UP Diliman

The state university is always accessible to everyone. The university also has secluded areas where cars don’t pass through all the time.


3.) Quezon City (QC) Circle

If you’re looking for a place where you could use your roller skates without pauses, this place is perfect for you! Enjoy the picturesque sceneries at the park as you skate.

There are also restaurants and food stalls nearby (just in case you need a boost!)

4.) BGCBonifacio Global City, Taguig and Ayala, Makati

Nothing beats the experience of inline skating on asphalt flooring– good thing some parts of BGC and Ayala, Makati have that! It’s time to explore the place without cars! gear up and wear those roller skates.

5.) Manila Post Office Magallanes Drive

Who says you can’t skate in the heart of the Metro? A small fountain park just across Manila Post Office can be your next inline skating park. Just beware of the limited space.

Do you have your secret inline skating spots too?