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We're listing down a few initiatives by women, and for women, organized to empower and uplift the community as a whole with sisterhood and support at its core.

/ 9 March 2021

It’s International Women’s Month this March—a time to celebrate and honor the achievements and many contributions women have made throughout history. From science to governance, from healthcare to business, and from art to manual labor, women have proven time and time again that the limitations society has burdened them with will no longer apply. At least, if they have anything to say about it.

That’s not to discredit the fact that in many parts of the world, women are still second-class citizens. And even if that’s not the case and they’re considered virtually “equal” to men, it’s a universal truth that there are still mountains of challenges to overcome for true equality to be possible. But, needless to say, we’ve come a long way as a people in our journey towards that dream-like equality.

This is all thanks to the leaders, many of whom are women, who have stepped up for the cause to uplift the general female populace, or to simply charge onwards in their dreams to make societal change possible. For every woman out there who boldly chases her goals and ambitions, a little girl swells in knowledge that she could do the same. May that be in starting up a business, leading a non-profit organization, standing amongst men in the board room, offering her own insight as an artist, or in creating communities to foster and support women who would one day do these things, and more.

To honor these initiatives, we’ve listed a few down below that we can all celebrate and support. These are organizations by women, and perhaps even for women, that contribute vast amounts of knowledge, and resources to empowering often marginalized communities in the country.


Established in 2015, Gantala Press is an “independent, non-profit, volunteer-run Filipina feminist press” that aims to spotlight women’s stories and issues concerning women through their works. The organization prides itself with being a feminist publication, with projects and content that bring the female experience, as well as other communities, in the Philippines to light.

Learn more about Gantala Press at


Founded to help survivors of human trafficking and prostitution in the Philippines, Renew Foundation is a Christian, non-government institution located at Angeles City, Pampanga. The headquarters was established there as it’s the country’s center for prostitution, as well as the second largest destination in the country for internal human trafficking. The organization accepts donations to help victimized Filipina women get back on their feet.

Learn more about Renew Foundation at


The AMIHAN organization is made up of women in the countryside fighting for agrarian reform, national industrialization, and to end exploitation and discrimination, especially against women, across the Philippine provinces. Established in 1986, it was organized to rally a collective voice for peasant women, reported to be the most numerous and discriminated, yet the largest sector of women in the country, according to AMIHAN. It has now grown into 19 provincial chapters in 9 regions nationwide.

Learn more about the National Federation of Peasant Women at


FTW Foundation is a Philippine non-profit organization aiming to empower Filipino women with free data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) training. The institution was established to make the Philippines the first data capital in the world, with its women at the forefront of the movement. The general training and initiative also aims to help Filipinas break through career barriers in the world of tech and data.

Learn more about the For the Women Foundation at


The PBCWE is part of the Australia government’s initiative to invest on women through economic empowerment in Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam. It’s made up of different organizations and companies committed to champion better working environments for women across Southeast Asia.

Learn more about the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment at


These organizations are just several out of tens and hundreds of initiatives inspired to celebrate, empower, and support women in different fields. Through these groups, hopefully we’ll see more substantial change happen across the world, and especially in the Philippines, when it comes to listening and heeding to the plight of women.