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There are a number of things we all want for the holidays this year: new gadgets, new clothes, world peace, good governance, and just for everything to finally get better.

/ 9 November 2020

With the holidays coming up, a lot of us are understandably wary about the annual gift-giving traditions, and how our dwindling allowance will be enough to get our loved ones the tokens of appreciation they deserve. There’s also that question of whether or not anything would be appropriate to give this year, at these dark times, with so many people suffering around the world.

But alas, perhaps that’s exactly the reason why the gift-giving tradition should continue despite all the tragedies of 2020 as we are all in dire need of some light in our days, and a bit of positivity. Of course, we also highly encourage everyone to donate to the victims of super typhoon Rolly so that all Filipino families have a chance at a happy Christmas.

Here’s a quick list of pandemic-friendly gift ideas within the P500-1000 range that might just fit your budget this year (it also might be best to get these at the 11.11 or 12.12 sale dates):


Stylish face masks

It doesn’t look like face masks will go out of “fashion” any time soon as we’re still in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so there’s no reason for us not to get ones with cute designs made by small local businesses. As quarantine restrictions start to ease up across the country and we’re given more freedom to go out and meet with friends, the face mask is definitely a staple now in our everyday outfits.


Personalized Sanitation kits

Another “New Normal” essential, sanitation kits that contain hand sanitizers, wipes, and the like, are things we all need right now especially for those who go out of the house. We’re sure your friends and family members would highly appreciate one with everything they already need inside. A lot of wellness and sanitation brands have individual items, or gift bundles, on their websites that might just tick all the boxes.


Artsy / Personalized cards with a heartfelt letter

It’s now even more important than ever to show our loved ones how much we care and appreciate them, and a heartfelt letter is always a cute way to do it. There are a bunch of art accounts all over social media that are open to commissions for things like personalized postcards, illustrations, and the like, and the extra step makes the gift a lot more sentimental. Try searching #artph on Instagram and Twitter to see all the creators open for commissions.


A coloring book

It may sound a bit childish, but adult coloring books can be a great way for someone to unwind and insert some quiet, self-care moments into their busy routines—something we all probably need right now. Something as simple as a coloring book can be a thoughtful way to remind a friend or a parent to take a few minutes to avoid thinking of everything happening around the world, and there are a lot of resellers on E-commerce platforms like Shoppee and Lazada.


Essential oils

Another thing to calm our minds and bodies, essential oils are effective tools to change the aura of a room to be more relaxing, which is especially valuable now as we’re all stuck indoors. It also has some proven health benefits, which is why it’s one of the number one things that marks a tita these days. But hey, titas know best!


A book

How about a story that takes us far away from this place, even temporarily? A book is a great way to forget about our troubles for a few minutes, and distract our minds with creative stories of hope, love, and victories. On top of that, lockdown is giving us plenty of time to finish one book or more at this time. There are a lot of resellers online for new and secondhand books, or official online bookstores from your most trusted sources.