/ 19 August 2022

THE SAMAHAN ng Progresibong Kabataan condemned Colegio de San Lorenzo for its sudden decision to shut down without informing the proper agencies.

The group said that the school “deceived” and “sabotaged” its learners and employees.

“This essentially amounts to the school’s owners and administrators cutting their losses to save money, while the students, parents, teachers, and workers who actually depend on the school are left without a lifeline. They were deceived, sabotaged, and lied to, making them bet their future on a school that never had their interests at heart,” SPARK said.

On August 15, Colegio de San Lorenzo announced that it will permanently cease operations because of financial instability and a lack of financial viability.

The school’s Board of Trustees said that it “would be difficult” for the school to continue its operations.

The Department of Education earlier said that it was not informed regarding its plan to close.

“Many students had already enrolled for the upcoming academic year and paid tens of thousands in tuition fees, only to suddenly be told that they would need to find a new school or risk having no education at all for at least one semester,” the group said.

“The Board of Trustees did promise full tuition fee refunds to all students who had already enrolled, but that is scant consolation, especially for graduating students who are now forced into a last-minute scramble to find a school before classes open,” it added.