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The Safety Seal Certification Program of the City of Pasig recognizes establishments that adhere to the highest public safety standards set by the local government.

/ 11 June 2021

Estancia Mall is the first mall in Pasig City that was recently conferred the safety seal by the local government of Pasig—an assurance that it adheres to the highest safety standards that would help people shop safely during the pandemic.

Ortigas Malls have put in place protocols that have made malling a positive, stress-free experience, with the well-being and safety of shoppers of paramount importance. This includes the use of accredited contact tracing apps such as SafePass and strict implementation of IATF’s mandated safety protocols.

Photos courtesy of Ortigas Malls

The Safety Seal Certification Program issued by the City Government of Pasig aims to assure the customers and the public in general of establishments’ compliance with the minimum public health standards set by the government in all private business establishments, selected public places, and government offices. The Safety Seal will be valid for six (6) months from the date it was issued. It’s renewable, subject to continued compliance with the given eligibility requirements. 

This Safety Seal showcases Ortigas Malls’ commitment to the safety and convenience of mall-goers as well as the greater community. It is also an assurance that we will continuously find long-lasting solutions to help mall-goers once again do things that they enjoy, such as shopping and dining out with their loved ones, all while giving them peace of mind,” said Arch. Renee Bacani, VP for Ortigas Malls.

At Estancia, mall-goers can enjoy shopping and strolling, knowing that they’re being cared for. Head to Estancia at Capitol Commons with your loved ones for a safe, secure and fun-filled malling experience.