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Top food supplements and healthy sweetener are now available at your nearest MerryMart supermarket branches, allowing the benefits of Calcium Cee, Barley Max, and SweetVia.

/ 8 December 2020

It’s official! Top food supplements and healthy sweetener are now available at your nearest MerryMart supermarket branches, allowing the benefits of Calcium Cee, Barley Max, and SweetVia.

A subsidiary of INJAP Supermarket, Inc., MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. opened its first supermarket at the Double Dragon Plaza, DD Meridian Park, Bay Area, Metro Manila in April of 2019. Since then, it has grown to 18 branches nationwide, and counting, with seven more branches to open this year, to reach its goal of 25 branches before the end of 2020.

With this announcement, there’s no need to go very far for Calcium Cee. With a pH level between 7.2 and 7.4, Calcium Cee proves to be safe to take even on an empty stomach while still providing the essential elements of calcium and Vitamin C. That is why you can take Calcium Cee any time and anywhere, without the acidity. This formulation also makes it safe to take in higher doses, especially for those who really need the extra vitamins.

Calcium Cee, as a very good source of Vitamin C, fortifies your immune system. Taken regularly with Vitamin C-rich food, Calcium Cee shields you from viruses and helps to keep you healthy and strong every day. Calcium Cee also reinforces bone density, eases stress, manages blood pressure, boosts collagen formation, helps repair tissues, and preserves clear eyesight, among other benefits.

Imported from New Zealand, Barley Max is a nutritional supplement made from pure, natural, and organic New Zealand barley. Each Barley Max sachet or capsule contains pure barley grass powder. Nutrient-rich young barley grass provides energy, stamina, strength, and immunity-boosting vitamins, like Vitamin C. It also contains minerals and amino-acids that our body needs. Aside from these advantages, barley grass also has free-radical fighting chlorophyll, and anti-aging live enzymes to help protect us against viruses or other health risks.

Now, SweetVia is not like most sugar substitutes. Aside from providing the sweetness derived from stevia, it also adds the health benefits of inulin.

Stevia is a natural sweetener made from the leaves of the stevia plant. While it much sweeter than table sugar, it has no carbohydrates, calories, or artificial ingredients. That is why stevia is a good alternative for diabetics and those who have other health issues.

Inulin, on the other hand, is a known prebiotic that stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your tummy. It helps with relieving constipation and treating diarrhea, thus promoting good digestion. And being a dietary fiber, inulin can promote gut health, increase feelings of fullness, aid in weight loss, and improve heart health by reducing cholesterol.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, taking three packets of SweetVia a day will help you achieve the inulin effect in your body. Take it with your cup of coffee or tea in the morning, mix it with your favorite baked goodies for an afternoon treat, or use it to sweeten your dinner tonight. You can enjoy your #TreatWithoutTheGuilt with SweetVia at any time of the day!


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