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/ 9 February 2022

Considering a third wave triggered by Omicron, India has approved two additional vaccinations. They are both approved for “limited use in emergency situations” by the FDA.

India has already approved eight vaccinations, three of them national – more than 1.4 billion doses have been delivered. The government hoped to vaccinate all Indians by the end of the year. Since the drive began in January, over 90% of eligible adults have received at least one vaccination. On January 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that healthcare personnel, frontline workers, and people over 60 with comorbidities will receive booster shots, or “precaution dosages.”

India will start vaccinating 15-18-year-olds on January 3. The daily caseload in India is roughly 6,000, but the Omicron variant is up to 653 currently, necessitating curfews and other restrictions in various states. It’s yet unclear if the new vaccines will be used for booster injections, or if the government would insist on the same shot for the third time.

Which immunizations perform best? Corbevax was created by Biological E in conjunction with Dynavax and Baylor College of Medicine. It is India’s first recombinant protein sub-unit vaccine, according to Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya. So, it’s made up of the coronavirus’s “spike protein” that latches onto human cells. When injected, this should cause an immunological response.

Covovax, the Philippines’ ninth emergency vaccine, replicates an antigenic part of the coronavirus, Mr. Domingo said. The two-dose vaccine is 89.7% effective.

The FDA chief said vaccine side effects were “very mild” in clinical trials.

The Philippines announced in March that it would buy 30 million doses of Covovax vaccine from Novavax. Indonesia approved Novavax for emergency use earlier this month. The drugmaker said in a statement on its website that it has applied for approval of its protein-based vaccine in Canada. “The company has submitted all data and modules to an EU agency in charge of evaluating medical products,” it said.

In the fight against the covid 19 pandemic, the Indian government has cleared two more vaccines and one antiviral drug for emergency use. The two latest vaccines that have been given the green light are the serum institute of India’s Covovax and biological ease jab Corbevax.