For Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, the company collaborated with the famous Oreo cookie company. The limited-edition cookie series can cost up to $1000 or Php 50,000 on eBay.

/ 1 October 2021

If you might remember, Oreo teased viewers with a very cryptic but kinda-obvious tweet that gives a hint of their next limited-edition oreo cookie designs.

Last September 8, 2021, the Pokemon cookies were launched to the public as a limited edition collectible which quickly lead to a shopping frenzy. Surprisingly, the collector’s edition sandwich cookies edition sets are being re-sold online. A single cookie with a rare mew design can cost a hundred bucks alone while a whole pack can cost fifty-thousand in pesos. The price is almost the same as the amount of tuition I pay for college! The idea is absurd for some, but there are actually people who will go the extra mile just to collect ‘em all. Oreo made it clear to the public that the cookies were meant to be a collector’s item after all.

Fans actually buy the collection for the special packets with a cool Pokémon design on the box, as well as Pokémon faces on the cookies themselves. The original Oreo design will be on one side of the cookie, while 16 distinct Pokémon will be on the other. Here’s the catch: the Pokémon characters included in the pack are not guaranteed. The idea is very similar to the Pokémon card collecting, the only difference is you can eat this one. Here’s the list of all 16 designs you can get.

  • Pikachu,
  • Mew (rare),
  • Sandshrew,
  • Sableye,
  • Bulbasaur,
  • Lapras,
  • Cyndaquil,
  • Dratini,
  • Grookey,
  • Jigglypuff,
  • Squirtle,
  • Charmander,
  • Pancham,
  • Snivy,
  • Piplup
  • Rowlett

Will you spend that much on a cookie sandwich? Let us know your thoughts, mga ka-tambay. Join the official group using this sign-up link. See you there!