A mere sardine against the current will only be met with demise. But a socially-aware sardine would rather believe in the power of advocacy to match the flow.

/ 4 August 2020

It’s official. 2020 definitely is a string of bad events that swept us away like a badly-directed Tarantino. But with it, comes the silver lining. In this age of Cancel Culture and #wokeness, everyone on social media can be targeted and subjected with a macro lens. Do your words spark joy? Is your opinion packed with research to the brim? Is silence nowadays a valid response? Are you supporting the right brands with the right causes?

For some, having reason should equate to supporting brands with a cause. The shift in consumer behavior nowadays made brands take to social media to boost their visibility and with it, comes their opinions and awareness of today’s social issues. While advocacies may be a marketing ploy to draw more views and empathy in building a brand’s identity, it’s also a foot forward towards promoting certain causes. Especially at a time when problems are in a state of build, build, build, it’s a matter of discerning which brands are carefully and sincerely shedding their very core values.

This mutualism impacts both parties to continue supporting each other to keep the cycle of awareness and of the economy to keep running. It’s a series of communities helping together with the brand as the voice, perhaps an ad agency as the think tank behind campaigns, and then there’s us, the consumers. Isn’t it uplifting to know that brands are capable of using their voice with wits and humor to support a cause like any normal netizen?

Here’s some brands that we stan for their creative take on social awareness:

LIGO Sardines

The canned sardines titan has always been with us from our earliest childhood. During the pandemic, Ligo rose up to the occasion and kicked the can of being just a mere sardines brand to become a voice for local issues. Using just simple product shots and a witty caption, they’re able to pool up a series of viral posts that had people craving for more. Who needs special powers to convince us to un-stan?

One nation, one family. #OneNationOneFamily

Posted by Ligo Sardines (Philippines) on Saturday, March 21, 2020

On March 22, they released a statement that shows their compassion to give back to the community by allocating their advertising funds to charity. As a staple food for the less-abled citizens, this would mean a lot for them coming from the very beloved brand that served as their daily bread. For the next months, their wit came through with organic ads that clearly defined how this titan brand has withstood the years.

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

It’s true for some people that breakfast always works any time of the day, but Ate Rica’s is far from just a morning staple meal. Its secret sauce will always be its selling proposition but now, they’re spicing up in social media to show that their voice also matters.

Starting out as a simple baconsilog stall in Taft, Ate Rica’s definitely kept its humility as it grew to be one of the must-tries in the area. Its humble beginnings as a small enterprise stayed with them through time and served as a foundation for their values. So in support of businesses that enable startups, they posted their support for ABS-CBN’s renewal with a viral post that shows their signature baconsilog with the colors of ABS-CBN’s logo and a witty caption that resonates with the mass. And it didn’t stop there, they continued on with an Anti-Terror Bill post with the same treatment but packed with wit and message.


“We’ll be off for a while”

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, the brand geared its focus on helping the community by re-allocating their budget for commercial advertising to relief and response efforts. It needs no introduction on the many efforts, ads, and campaigns on humanity that Coca-Cola has shared with us for years and years. The staple sari-sari store drink by using their great power, were able to exert as much responsibility by providing ads and projects that unites and inspires not just a nation, but humanity in general.

Then in June this year, they joined the Stop Hate for Profit campaign which is built by brands to boycott Facebook and Instagram. “There is no place for racism in the world and no place for racism on social media,” says James Quincy, CEO of Coca-Cola. This major movement aims to address the loose moderation of social media against hate speech. Fueled by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breona Taylor and more victims of hate speech and crimes, more than 500 companies are boycotting Facebook by not promoting their ads on the platform. As an international titan in the food industry, Coca-Cola is taking on a major responsibility to society by acting as one of the biggest brands that are gearing for a social media revolution.

Minute Burger

For those who don’t know, Minute Burger’s Facebook account has been actively posting humorous content that dips into the otaku culture. From using anime to pop icons to gaming, their account has been consistently serving us a series of viral tweets that rides on every popular culture nowadays. But even with its witty advertising, the brand never strayed from serving public advisories on health and safety amidst the pandemic. Although there’s a hint of marketing into it, it’s still worth noting that their efforts to promote proper safety nowadays is a call for action. Now, who would resist a burger franchise that’s so socially active and funny? That’s how you ace a combo meal!


Technically food-related:


Admit it: Angkas is one of the wittiest local brands on social media. Although not a food brand, they’ve started Angkas Food as an initiative to help the community. As the voice for the mass, they stayed true to their identity by embodying the tito who likes to joke. What way to channel the same kuyas that we trust with a relatable tone. Backed with more than 300 thousand followers on Twitter, their tweets have always been viral and continued to make noise without dragging their brand’s credibility. They’ve consistently led us to a series of cackles but even behind it, lingers a tone of awareness and responsibility towards the community.

We’ll all get through this.

Here’s how we can help each other:

Hospital donations:
Angkas biker donations:
Food menu:

— Angkas (@angkas) April 3, 2020

This pandemic has shown how Angkas, despite the hurdles they’ve faced from the government, is always in the service of the public. A series of projects including hospital donations for healthcare workers, donations for Angkas drivers who were put in halt due to quarantine measures, and initiatives with commissions for their kuyas. To promote jobs and assistance, they’ve started Angkas Food in an effort to help their riders who are deeply impacted by the quarantine imposition, without any commission going to their pockets. All these, they’ve continued to promote while ensuring us that it’s all an act of service for their dear kuyas.

Guys legit to, gumawa kami ng food delivery service oha. But this isn’t for us. Para to sa mga bikers at sa inyo. We will NOT take any commission in this initiative. Sa kanila lahat to.

For the list of restaurants:

— Angkas (@angkas) March 23, 2020