Sister duo GIBBS collaborates with Moophs in an enthralling track inspired by 80s rock and old school James Bond movies. “Angel Baby” is their sophomore single and debut on Tarsier Records.

/ 19 April 2021

“Angel Baby” is a pop track inspired by 80s rock and James Bond movie soundtracks. Lyrically, the song is a poetic take on empowerment amidst external forces that surround us. Through layers of synths, guitar riffs, strong basslines, and haunting falsettos, the song easily belongs with the recent comeback of 70s-80s pop rock productions, amplified by acts like Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Lady Gaga in 2020. “Angel Baby” is GIBBS’ sophomore single and their debut on Tarsier Records

“Our second single Angel Baby was brought about by quarantine. Being stuck at home together for months really allowed us to explore our songwriting and create a fantasy world through music. We are big fans of sci-fi and action-horror genres and we’re quite obsessed with a show called “Lovecraft Country” during the first few months of quarantine, which heavily influenced the theme and story behind the song. Basically the song is about a heroine fighting evil and saving the day,” shared Chi Gibbs and Gabs Gibbs.

To us the song is really an anthem about fighting your inner demons and letting the light in. In these dark/ confusing times we’re hoping the song gives people that badass confidence to fight whatever they’re facing. We want the song to be empowering,” they added. 

Photo courtesy of Tarsier Records


On working with Moophs, the sisters shared their excitement and fan girl moment: “When we wrote the song, we really wanted to work with Moophs as our producer, we’ve been fans for a while now and knew he would be able to turn the song into the 80s pop rock song we imagined.”

The digital producer and musician reflected this enthusiasm with as much praise for the young artists:  “Working with GIBBS was amazing! The sisters are easygoing, vivacious and driven. I definitely enjoyed our recording session. As artists they are fiercely unique with a very particular idea about their branding and vision. It’s always a blast working with artists like that who have a clear direction because instead of putting my energy into helping them figure that out, I can put all of my energy into making the song the best it can be.”

Gibbs is a songwriting sister duo from Manila, Philippines composed of Chi & Gabs – With the name GIBBS taken from their surname. Growing up in a family of musicians, actors and directors, the girls have dabbled in different fields of art before they decided to pursue music. Some of their favorites growing up were ABBA, Pat Benetar, Fleetwood Mack and Hall & Oates, which led to their brand of music.

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