The 22-year old actor has gracefully gone from breakthrough artist, to leading man, and now to one of the next generation's most promising performers. In this piece, we look at the young dreamer's budding career thus far, and the horizons that await his just-getting-started success.

/ 31 May 2021


Every year, a new actor steps into the limelight of Philippine entertainment, clamoring to get the public’s attention, and gain their favor. The usual route starts off with supporting roles, until film or television producers notice public interest over particular newbies, and give them a shot at bigger projects. That official debut foretells what the rest of their career has in store. But for 22-year old Kelvin Miranda, his catapult to stardom did not follow the same recipe, nor the same trajectory.

He forged his own path forward with a rare triumph at the very beginning, an excruciating period of limbo in-between, and a fresh new start that predicts a longstanding career built on solid foundations.

Instead of gaining public attention from small roles, it was Miranda’s first major venture in film that ultimately got his name out there. He had done minor and unnamed portrayals beforehand, but it was his role as Mark Sta. Maria in Dead Kids, the first Filipino film to be licensed and released on Netflix, that stirred the conversation around the impressive new actor’s riveting performance.

Dead Kids is a crime-thriller film that follows a group of students plotting to abduct the arrogant campus rich kid, until things take a turn for the worst. Miranda’s portrayal of “genius wallflower” Mark Sta. Maria was a standout performance in the Mikhail Red-directed project, so much so that even his label, GMA Artist Center, saw him in a new light.

“Sobrang laki ng impact sakin dahil ito talaga Dead Kids ang nagbigay sakin ng susi para makapagbukas ng mga pintuan para sa mga oportunidad,” he shared with The Feed. (“Dead Kids really had a huge impact on me because it’s the project that opened so many opportunities my way.”)

As GMA, the country’s oldest media network, took him under their established and confident wings, many Filipinos were delighted to hear they’ll be seeing more of the young actor’s talent with the promise of more projects. However, his career took a surprising step back after the booming success of Dead Kids as he stepped into the shoes of supporting roles once again, leaving fans confused and concerned.

Miranda, himself, reflected on those months. He admitted to feeling the pressures of maintaining his career whilst in momentum, and the unavoidable seeds of worry that his limelight will soon come to pass amidst the entertainment industry’s ever-evolving nature and the public’s ever-changing favor. He did his best to push these thoughts away, though, as he looked at each role with as much importance as the last, and took in every experience as an opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve as an actor:

Sakin, sa totoo lang, medyo meron ganung dating dahil nandito tayo sa loob ng industry. Kailangan pangalagaan yung market mo as an artist. Pero masaya din dahil kahit na may maliit na role naitatawid naman ng maayos at nagiging masaya naman ako dahil meron pa ring hatid na karunungan ang bawat karakter na ginagampanan ko,” Miranda recalled.

(“For me, to be honest, there are worries like that because we’re in an industry where we need to take care of our market as an artist. But I’m happy, even with my small roles, because I’m able to do them well, and there’s still value, learning and integrity in each character I portray.”)

From 2019 to 2020, majority of Miranda’s roles were characters on the side of charismatic and established actors. From Magpakailanman and Maynila one-shots, his career at the time was looking at a standstill, in between the most promising breakthrough and whatever lies ahead. But just when he was about to call it quits to go back to studying, he revealed that that was when GMA News and Public Affairs called in for a role that would ultimately give his career the rekindling it deserved.

Just before 2020 came to a close, GMA announced a romantic fantasy drama in the works starring none other than Kelvin Miranda and Encantandia alumna, Mikee Quintos. Titled “The Lost Recipe”, the series showcases a time-traveling love story revolving around the culinary arts. In this unique Filipino teleserye, Miranda found his fresh re-start in television as the cast’s leading man—a role that seems to have landed on his doorstep at the most perfect time and place.

“Sa totoo lang, ang gusto naman paratingin ng The Lost Recipe ay, wag basta susuko pagdating sa mga bagay na gusto mong gawin basta’t makakabuti at makakatulong sayo. Wag tumigil sa pag abot ng mga pangarap. Walang maliit o malaki sa taong may pangarap at pagsusumikap.”

(“Honestly, what we want to convey with The Lost Recipe is to not give up when it comes to things you want to purse as long as it’s good and beneficial for you. Don’t stop going after your dreams, as there’s no such thing as big or small to a person who dreams and perseveres.”)

Truly, Miranda’s own journey of waiting whilst dreaming has allowed him to take in a role that reflected his personal experiences and spoke directly to his soul. The Lost Recipe proved to be a success with 52 episodes airing until March 31, 2021, building a solid fanbase for Miranda and his blooming love team with Quintos.

In fact, the pair released a single together in April entitled “Two of A Kind” under GMA Music to commemorate the conclusion of their beloved series, and the hopeful start of a new chapter in their respective careers. The track aptly tells the story of a couple ready to take on the world together.

These days, fans eagerly await the return of Kelvin Miranda in another acting project, especially after the favorable results of his debut as a leading man in The Lost Recipe. From his romantic performance on the fantasy drama to his riveting and gritty portrayal in Dead Kids, there is certainly much to expect from this young actor, and we’re betting that we haven’t seen everything yet.

His steady uphill climb in Philippine entertainment has been founded on these gripping performances, and perhaps it’s his raw talent and skill that sets him apart from all of his peers and colleagues. After we caught up with him, it’s clear to all of us that this pure love for the craft comes from a deep understanding of acting that fuels his mindset for every project. With just two years in the industry under his belt, this is his answer to the age-old question: what is the best part of being an actor?

“Mas naintindihan ko yung mga bagay na akala ko’y maliit na bagay lang.” (It gave me a deeper understanding on things that I thought didn’t mean much.)

Pero ang totoo masama man, mabuti, malaki o maliit, importante o hindi, kailangan natin pahalagahan dahil meron itong magandang idudulot sa atin pagdating ng panahon. Ito ang magtuturo sa’tin kung paano mamulat sa reyalidad, kung saan tayo lalakad.” (But in truth, may it be good or bad, big or small, important or not, we need to value it because there’s still something good that could come out of it one day. [Acting] is what teaches me to open my eyes to the realities of this world in which we walk on.)

If these words could provide any insight to what the future holds for Kelvin Miranda, it’s that it is not only through his talent and skill that he’ll go far in entertainment. It’s his genuine reverence for the craft that inspires each role, challenge, and project that he takes on with fervent dedication, regardless of its size, importance, or seeming external value. Because of this, each role, no matter how seemingly minute, is a stage for him to conquer, and to ultimately take flight.



Produced and creative direction by Leo Balante

Photographed by Dix Perez

Grooming by Nadynne Esguerra

Styling Direction: Leo Balante

Shot on location at The Penthouse Studio

With thanks to Tyronne Escalante and GMA Artist Center