/ 22 June 2022

THE POLYTECHNIC University of the Philippines College of Law extended its 2021-2022 Summer Semester to give more time for the activities for law students.

The end of semester was moved to July 22, 2022 from July 16.

PUP said the move also avoids compressing the schedule for summer classes.

Meanwhile, the College of Law administration said that it will include certain activities in some subjects to boost the students’ skills in mooting and debate.

This summer, the Union will facilitate and conduct an inter-class Moot Court Competition and an inter-class Debate Competition.

“This will hone the oratorical, debate, litigation, and research skills of law students beyond the preparation for the bar examinations. Such competitions will also better prepare the law students of the PUP College of Law for both local and international competitions of the same kind,” it said.

The extension of summer classes will also help prepare the law students of the subjects participating in Moot Court and Debate competitions and facilitate deeper learning.