Letters of Youth


/ 9 August 2021

EXO is a legendary kpop under SM Entertainment. They are a group known worldwide for their excellent & unique concepts, choreography and songs. Despite having Chen and Suho inside the military, the group was able to prepare for a six-members comeback on May 7, 2021 with their album “Don’t Fight the Feeling”. However, during the release, Baekhyun and Chanyeol also had to enter the military camp which made the era a comeback of no music shows or performances. Despite the lack of promotions, their album received more than a million pre-orders online and was the sixth album of the group to become a million seller.

Although they left their fans with another group hiatus, EXO made sure that their fans also known as EXO-Ls will witness their chance to shine individually. On the 26th day of July 2021, one of the oldest members and main vocalists made his first solo comeback with his first solo album entitled “Empathy”.

Doh Kyungsoo or D.O. has been famously known as a member of the group and later on boosted his image as one of the best korean actors in the industry. He was one of the first members to finish his military service and months after his discharge, he released his first solo album with a total of eight tracks. Six among the eight are korean tracks while the other two were in English and Spanish. The release of his solo album was also accompanied with the official music video of his single “Rose”. “Rose” was originally a Korean song, but is also made available in English.

Overall, his album release was considered as the comeback of the month as it hit the top album on iTunes album charts in fifty-nine countries worldwide. “Empathy” also received a total of 229,000 copies sold in a span of two days. The album is currently made available in all music platforms globally, such as Spotify and Youtube.

“Since it’s my first album, I focused on doing the music that I wanted to do”, the singer stated in an interview with Soompi.

After nearly a decade of waiting, the fans were very excited on hearing his solo album. His tracks were all built around an acoustic guitar melody which makes your listening experience fun and melodic from start to finish. Also, fans shared that the song made their heart flutter as the concept was about romance and love.

It is with no doubt that his comeback became trending on various social media platforms and was the talk of the month from start to finish of July. The singer received a lot of praises for his efforts and for having a successful comeback.