EXO-Ls are delighted to see EXO’s first win after a long break since 2019, considering the members' military service and individual promotion schedules.

/ 2 July 2021

EXO’s Win

EXO-Ls rejoiced on Twitter with the hashtag #DFTF_1stWin. The hashtag climbed the Twitter Worldwide Trends after Music Bank announced that EXO’s comeback music ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ won against BTS’ newest single, ‘Butter’. After a near and undoubtedly stressful counting of votes, SM Entertainment’s EXO got here on a pinnacle as ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ garnered a score of 6,720 compared to the 4,424 scores for ‘Butter’. It is not a surprise for many fans that the song quickly reached Billboard’s Global 200 Chart right after its release.

Music Bank scores are computed by merging the Digital Music Charts (65%), Album Sales (5%), Number of times broadcast on KBS TV only (20%), and Viewers’ Choice Charts (10%). As of June 21, the Don’t Fight The Feeling album has surpassed the 900,000 copies sold on Hanteo. The song also currently counts 14.8M streams on Melon, 9.5M streams on Spotify, and surpassed 63.2M views on YouTube with 4M likes and 3.1M comments.

The special album comeback is a memorable one, especially for members D.O and Xiumin, who just completed their mandatory military enlistment, and for Lay, who participated after two years of promoting solo.

What EXO-Ls Should Look Forward To

Just recently, Baekhyun posted in his SNS a photo with the caption “D-1. I’ll go and return safely,” marking his first day in military service enlistment. Chanyeol, the fifth EXO member to enlist, entered the military on March 29. Both Baekhyun and Chanyeol were able to wrap up the shoot for ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ before complying with their military service. Chanyeol is expected to complete his service in September 2022 and Baekhyun in February 2023.

Fans are not upset that it won’t be long since the group’s leader, Suho, and Chen will be discharged around February and April of next year.

Recently discharged member D.O also teased fans that his first solo album is finally done, and he can’t wait to see his fans’ reactions. Not only that, but D.O is also working with actor Sol Kyung Gyu with their upcoming Sci-fi movie, ‘The Moon.’

Indeed, fans will be kept busy even if ChanBaek and SuChen are in the military.

Congratulations, EXO and EXO-Ls, for the triumphant comeback! It is clear EXO still got the Power, Just as Usual. 😉