2 July 2024

Globe and Phil-Tower Consortium Inc. (PhilTower) recently joined forces to facilitate a digital literacy session for elderly leaders of Baguio City to equip them with knowledge on cybersecurity and address misconceptions on the effect of cell towers on health.

The event, attended by 50 members of the Federation of Baguio Senior Citizens Associations (FBASECA) Secretary’s Club, featured Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP), which educates the youth, parents, teachers, and the elderly about online safety and security, online etiquette and responsibility, digital discernment, and digital empowerment.

“The elderly are among those most vulnerable to online scams and fraud. By understanding the different types of online threats, our senior citizens can better protect themselves and their personal information,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

“Our partnership with Philtower in this undertaking not only highlights the critical role that reliable connectivity plays in enabling access to online resources and opportunities. More importantly, we are addressing the need for digital literacy to help senior citizens fully participate in the digital age and improve their overall quality of life,” said Michelle Ora, Vice President for Site Lifestyle Management Service.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, through City Social Welfare & Development Officer Liza Bulayungan, expressed support for the initiative. He requested Globe and Philtower to conduct more sessions to reach more seniors in the city, aligned with Baguio’s goal of becoming a smart, well-connected city.

During the event, Globe representatives led the DTP training, explaining various types of fraud, such as phishing, spoofing, malware scams, online shopping scams, data harvesting, and social engineering.

The discussion also covered the significance of a strong internet signal for various online activities, the dangers of unauthorized use of repeaters, and myths related to radiation from cell towers

Globe also addressed misconceptions about cell towers and radiation, sharing a video on the Department of Health’s stance on cell tower radiation, showing that wireless technology does not cause harm to health.

Maida Bruce, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer at Philtower, delivered the closing remarks, reiterating the commitment of both Globe and Philtower to promoting digital literacy and ensuring a safe online environment for everyone.

Philtower, a registered Common Tower Provider in the Philippines, builds shared future-proof telecom structures and facilities for indoor and outdoor coverage. The company is dedicated to creating a wireless canopy in the country to support a connected lifestyle.

Globe has a sale and leaseback agreement with PhilTower covering 1,350 towers, located primarily in Mindanao.  The deal was in response to the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) common tower policy, which mandates the sharing of towers among telecom firms to reduce capital expenditures.

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