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A tribute concert for the president’s relentless battles for the fate of the nation. As much as people may acknowledge it, critics will always sing their hearts out to express their comments.

/ 27 August 2020

The President life is tiring. Carrying the burden of a nation’s fate is a daunting task but with the world in peril because of a pandemic, what a time for Pres. Duterte to have experienced perhaps one of the most dreadful challenges in the recent administrations. So with that, his supporters started an initiative to relieve him of his relentless job with an online concert titled Singing for the President on Aug. 30. And of course, like both sides of a coin, several adversaries are in for a fun critic.

Posted at NDM Studios Facebook page on Aug. 24

The above poster was posted at NDM Studios on Aug. 24 and had a caption that reads: “Just like the good old days,” ika nga ni Jimmy Bondoc. Magsasama-sama ang mga volunteer artists para awitan ang Pangulo sa isang online concert. Banaag sa mukha ng Pangulo na siya ay lubhang pagod na pagod, kung kaya’t minabuti ng ilang mga kilalang supporters ng Pangulo na awitan siya sa August 30, 2020. Teaser pa lang po ito, abangan pa po ninyo kung sinu-sino pa ang mga sasali sa mga susunod na araw. Nawa’y marinig ng Pangulo ang mga awit ng mga taong hindi pa rin natitinag ang tiwala sa kanyang pamumuno.

Leading the tribute concert is OPM singer Jimmy Bondoc who is fond of being an avid supporter of the current administration. The event was posted at NDM Studios on Aug. 24 with its lineup consisting of familiar Duterte supporters with a caption that shows their concern for the president’s exhausting lifestyle and efforts. Among these notable volunteer guests are OWWA Deputy Administrator Mocha Uson, Camarines Sur vice-governor Imelda Papin, Dulce, Arnell Ignacio, Dulce, comedian Moymoy Palaboy, and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo. However, musician Paolo Santos clarified with a Facebook post that he is not involved in any way with the concert.

Since the news was out, social media has once again become a circus of criticisms and bashing. While the concert appeals well with the DDS community and finds hope in its success, some people took to comments and retweets on the many facets of this concert—from its cause, graphics, and lineup.

As response to the doubts of its relevance and ridicule, Bondoc posted a statement on the normalcy of singing to a dear friend who, in this case, is Pres. Duterte. Here’s an excerpt:

There is nothing wrong with singing for a friend.
We have sung for frontliners, for many charities, for affected musicians, and more.
Now, we just want to sing for our friend.
God bless all of the detractors. I am really praying for you. May all this hate leave all of our hearts and our lives. My whole life, music and prayer, and nothing else, have proven to be the most effective answer to hatred. Not debate, not legal positions, not retaliation, not anger. Prayer and music.
So we will sing. August 30, Sabbath. Good morning, everyone! It’s a new day.

In an interview with News5, he addressed the issues of bashers with only a sense of sincerity to support the president in the way he can.

The ‘tired’ statement has been used several times by the president, himself, and seems like these people are finally making an action to help in ways they can. In the same way, frontliners and displaced people have also grown weary for the lack of government efforts, which they have openly expressed. But in reality, everyone’s affected by the series of exhausting challenges that this year has thrown us. And while the concert is meant for a cause, people will always remain critical especially now that the country is in the midst of a health crisis. It’s expected in any effort to have different perspectives at the background since many factors come into play when the president is involved.