Two more volleyball clubs have made the switch to the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) as Sta. Lucia and Chery Tiggo announced their transfer on Tuesday.

/ 11 March 2021

Sta. Lucia and Chery Tiggo have joined Petro Gazz, PLDT, and Cignal in their move to the PVL leaving F2 Logistics as the lone member of the Philippine Superliga (PSL).

With the addition of the two teams to the commercial volleyball league, the PVL has now a total of 11 teams ahead of its maiden professional season which included Creamline, BanKo Perlas, Choco Mucho, Bali Pure, Unlimited Athletics Club, and guest squad Army.

Air Force, on the other hand, filed its temporary leave of absence for the upcoming season.

Following the transfer of Sta. Lucia and Chery Tiggo, a statement was released by PSL announcing that they were allowing its members to play as guest teams to its rival league and also accepting teams to play in their events.

“To help the return to normalcy and assist teams in their efforts to maximize the exposure of their brand and in the spirit of solidarity in this extraordinary time, the Philippine Superliga has accepted the suggestion of one of its team members to welcome teams from the professional leagues who may wish to join PSL tournaments,” the league said in a statement.

“PSL teams on the other hand will join the league as guest teams. In this manner, all teams get exposure in several platform. In addition, athletes are given more opportunities to display their talent amid this public health emergency,” the statement continued.

However, PVL President Ricky Palou clarified that the teams will not be joining PVL as guest teams but instead they will be committing to the league as full-time members.

“As far as I know, Chery Tiggo and Sta. Lucia will play as professional teams in the PVL,” he said.

Moreover, according to the memorandum from the Games and Amusements Board regarding the Special Guest License (SGL), only collegiate teams and teams from the Armed Forces of the Philippines can receive special licenses to play in pro leagues.

PVL decided to move the date of its inaugural pro season from April 10 to May 8 to accommodate the needs of the new ball clubs.