Letters of Youth


/ 7 July 2021

Have you ever wondered why your millennial parents are too hard on you? You are not allowed to fail or else you’ll be an embarrassment of the family. You always need to be at the top even though you’re exhausted. It is forbidden to talk back because that is considered disrespectful. You can’t cry or talk about your feelings because they’ll look at you as weak. You can’t come out or show them your true colors as a homosexual because you’ll get disowned. And most of all, they’re one of the reasons you slowly forget who you really are.

But why are millennial parents like this? They may not have endured the “Greatest Depression” but they were raised and taught by people who had been through it. Millennials were pressured by the unrealistic standards their parents wanted them to meet. And now, many say millennials are stuck in their past. And because of all the trauma and hardships they’ve experienced, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Although why are they projecting their trauma onto us (generation Z)? We are not responsible for any trauma nor misfortune they’ve experienced. Millennials should forgive themselves and take a break. They should take it easy on them and everyone they’re interacting with.

We should stop passing toxic traits and parentings to the next generation. The millennials and past generations have gone through enough. And we the generation Z, and the generations afterwards shouldn’t experience the same devastation they’ve faced.