/ 28 June 2021

YOUNG members of Indigenous People’s groups attended a briefing conducted by the Army’s 91st Infantry Sinagtala Battalion in Aurora province.

The initiative, held in collaboration with the local government unit of Dingalan, Aurora, aimed to increase IP youth awareness of their rights.

Lt. Col. Reandrew P. Rubio, Commanding Officer of the 91IB, said that the program will help IPs from being deceived by Communist Terrorist Groups who take advantage of problems and issues in communities as well as concerns of the youth.

“Our youth are considered most vulnerable from the manipulation and deception of CTGs, hence, we teach and train them to know their rights so as not to be taken in by the lies and propaganda of the Communist Terrorist Group,” Rubio said.

1st Lieutenant Roberto G. Apelado Jr.,  Civil-Military Operation Officer of 91IB, facilitated the activity together with Mayor Shierwin Taay’s administrator, Shiella H. Taay, who was also the speaker.

The mayor lauded the activity and manifested his full support to the plans and programs of the 91st IB, saying that the program would help empower the youth.

Major General Alfredo V. Rosario Jr., commander of the 7th Infantry Division, said that having correct information is crucial and will help the youth carry out their role in nation-building.