Bulletin Board


/ 5 September 2021

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines will be holding forum addressing the demands of the campus journalists on September 4.

According to CEGP Deputy Secretary-General Regina Tolentino, focused on the calls for safe resumption of traditional classes; fulfillment of the state’s obligation to the education sector; and ensuring of the sector’s democratic rights and welfare.

“With the regime’s blatant state and criminal negligence to its people, the education sector is entitled to assert what the constitution granted right from the start,” Tolentino said.

Since the so-called flexible learning was institutionalized, many student councils, periodicals, organizations, and others have spoken out for the safe reinstatement of regular face-to-face classes.

The CEGP’s Deputy Secretary-General stated that the sector could not afford to continue with this anti-poverty, anti-student, and anti-teacher curriculum since it would only serve to further push education as a privilege rather than a right.

“To refer to this modality as the ‘new normal’ is nothing but a step to the impoverished sectors gravely affected by this not ‘flexible’ and not even a ‘learning’ scheme they advocate,” Tolentino stated.