Letters of Youth


/ 3 September 2021

Looking into your eyes is like magic
Yet that enchantment never had a single trick
And a curse forbidden out of this lovesick
Just like other tales, our story isn’t always romantic

I never thought of falling in love with you
Or that someday it might be you
My love has never been so true until I knew you
Hoping time would make a real combination of me and you

You’re an inch closer to a guy in my merit
There’s only one key into my heart and you found it
I never can afford a dress out of gold bars
Yet you loved me even in tattered clothes and ignored all my scars

With you, my imperfections seem so perfect
I won’t ever be needing a mirror to reflect
My fragile heart became the prime suspect
Which you have never failed to neglect

You being spontaneous isn’t something I expect
To me, no one has ever been so direct
I wonder how long you’ll have the same aspect
If it won’t be forever, our hearts won’t intersect

There’s something that keeps me from falling in love with you
It really scares me when I thought of losing you

If we are from two different worlds,
I wonder if it’ll be hard for us to exchange words

You are someone I have met before
Yet you are someone I used to ignore
I guess a cold heart within me was in store
After a while, you pulled out a soft heart deep in core

I know you had some hard time dealing with my character
Yet it is something you said that’ll never make you suffer
You showed me patience like no other
Your sincerity is something to me you’re willing to offer

I’m afraid I’ll repay you with my rude heart
I’m afraid I don’t know where to start
I’m starting to trust you with my whole heart
I did hesitate for a while not wanting us to be apart

“If the sea is to make waves, mine is to make the best out of you”
Those are the words you made me realize when I began to love you
Loving me is something you might have no clue
Yet you stood before me and said “my love is true”

How am I supposed to thank you?
Will there ever be a reason to not love you?
Were my choices made just to hurt you?
Those are the questions I want to go through

The heart that feels is effective than the mind that thinks
Yet somehow, love is a potion that really stinks
The foundation of your love towards me might shrink
That would make you say “goodbye” to me in a blink

Even so, I’ll try not to give up
When it comes to you, I’ll always try to be tough
You’re the one who showed me that love is enough
Now, I need to be brave to be able to pick myself up

I’m ought to come across the word ‘love’
This is why, I seek guidance from God above
For I should know whether you are just a fallen dove
Or the exact definition of unconditional love