/ 15 October 2021

THE DEPARTMENT of Education will expand the reach of DepEd TV, one of the distance learning modalities, for School Year 2021-2022.

The television-based learning platform had 13.91 million users in the past school year.

DepEd TV provides an avenue to accommodate the different learning styles of students. The episodes were designed with more interactive components to capture and sustain learners’ interest while attaining the targeted competencies.

“We emphasize the need to maximize the use of DepEd TV as part of the learning delivery modalities under the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan as this is one of the most widely available modalities for distance learning,” Education Undersecretary for Administration Alain Pascua said.

For School Year 2021-2022, the Offices of Undersecretaries for Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, and Field Operations urged regional and division personnel to actively promote the use of DepEd TV and DepEd Radio (Radio-based instruction), alongside other distance learning modalities to maximize learners’ learning experience.

Teachers were asked to submit a quarterly report about the usage of DepEd TV as a teaching modality in the new normal.

The education department will use these reports to assess DepEd TV’s efficacy and effectiveness.

“The information we will gather from the reports of our teachers will aid in the development of the alternative solutions and enhancements for our programs to reach out to more learners and teachers, particularly those who do not have access to the internet,” Pascua said.

Undersecretary for Curriculum and Instructions Diosdado San Antonio encouraged teachers to use DepEd TV as a supplemental learning resource to help learners understand their lessons.

“Our DepEd TV episodes follow a weekly plan anchored on the Most Essential Learning Competencies. We encourage teachers to use these resources to support learning together with other distance learning delivery modalities to help learners deepen their understanding of their lessons,” San Antonio said.