Fast Break


Valorant really never disappoints its audience. After releasing its new update 2.0, Valorant will surely give every player an exquisite experience inside the game and would also make other players on hiatus return to the world of FPS and unleash the inner gamer in them.

/ 21 January 2021

Just a week ago, Riot Games officially released Valorant Episode 2 together with its new update. Check out the latest changes in this game and gauge it personally as you take the game.

New agent – Yoru

The new duelist agent Yoru will be the epitome of man’s greatest enemy. Yoru can infiltrate the base of the enemy without even being noticed using his ultimate skill and can even teleport from one place to another. Moreover, Yoru’s fake-out skill that mimics footsteps will surely deceive anyone and wonder in what direction an agent must gear up. 

Be vigilant when you are about to encounter this agent as he can be one of the dangerous agents especially with his blinding ability.

Tweaks on the agents- Brimstone, Omen. And Viper too?

Brimstone is known for being one of the agents to lead a team fight as he is a typical commando. And with the new update that increased the capability of this agent makes him a more viable controller for any team. His sky smoke duration has been increased from 14.25 to 19.25. Not only that but his smokes that formerly reveals its location with its sound has now been eradicated.

Moreover, Brimstone’s first skill, Steam Bacon, a powerful boost that enhances his firepower is now a quick cast. Moreover. His Molotov cost that fires flame has been reduced from 300 to 200. What a wonderful way to make this agent unstoppable.

Since one agent has been strengthened, of course, expect for one to be nerfed. And that agent is no other than Omen who is sometimes called an op agent with his circle being controlled in every way possible as well as the ability to cancel its teleportation.

Paranoia is one of the skills of Omen that reduces the vision of all the agents that it passes through is now surely very costly from 200 to 400. And the second projectile which is Dark Cover has been slowed from 4,000 to 2,800. 

While Viper, who has also been reinforced in the past updates is looking for another update too. “No updates just yet, but we’re taking this opportunity to say we’ve got our eye on her. We still believe she is underperforming as a whole and we’re looking at changes for her in the new year,” update notes stated.

In-game updates

The classic pistol has now possessed the increase in jumping error from .40 to 1.0, input queue on right-click from 0.065 to .225, and firing consecutively now jumps in error, starting at 1.9 for the first burst, 2.5 for the second, and then the third/fourth burst will be at a 6.0, right-click now has a recovery curve starting at .1s.

While bugs were now resolved with regards to where Omen could sometimes teleport past the buy phase barriers and could plant the Spike while elevated on Sage’s wall, where players on the opposing team could be seen on the minimap long after leaving the line of sight.

And worry no more as one of the most hassled moments is when the desktop resolution was not restored after alt-tabbing from the game when playing in fullscreen mode, at lower-than-native resolution has been fixed. Yet, don’t forget to say your thanks to player fl0m for bringing this issue to Riot Games.

New offers of the skins

You would not miss this update as weapon skins can be bought on a discounted battle pass as well as a bundle too. And of course, if you do not want to buy it in a bundle, you can always buy the items separately.

Moreover, buy the Act I Premium Battlepass to earn the most from the Act’s Battlepass which includes weapon skins like the Outpost, Aerosol, and the variant-enabled Infinity, as well as a host of Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Player Cards.

Agents always have a say

Lastly is the sayings of the agents. But have you noticed it? Even at the start of the game, clutch of the game, and sometimes even after a kill an agent has a succeeding phrase about something. But honestly, when one’s self is on the winning side, these small things do not matter at all but rather a music to the ears pronouncing a victory.

So, for you what’s your favorite line of the agents?

Of course, this is not the synopsis of the new update, so check it out on the patch notes. For now, I shall bid goodbye and must I say, see you on the next update or maybe, on the next match!