/ 24 December 2022

SENATOR Francis Tolentino announced the inauguration of the Philippine ROTC Games in 2023.

Reserve Officers’ Training Course cadets will participate in the first phase of the competition early 2023. The games will be spearheaded by the ROTC Games Executive Committee composed of the Department of National Defense, Philippine Sports Commission, Commission on Higher Education, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Olympic Committee.

The tournament aims to gather promising young athletes and train them to raise the Philippine banner in future international sports competitions.

Tolentino, the honorary chairman of the ROTC games, said that the event will highlight the Filipinos’ athletic talent and strengthen national pride.

“The 2023 Philippine ROTC Games is a way to promote and develop camaraderie, teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship – values which I believe are extremely essential in developing bodily strength as well as strength of character,” he added.

The ROTC Games will be divided into three major phases: sports clinics, regional games and national games.

Young athletes will compete in athletics, obstacle course racing, swimming, boxing, arnis, weightlifting by weight categories, kickboxing by weight categories, e-sports, basketball, volleyball, and target shooting.

Tolentino is hopeful that the launch today sets the Philippine ROTC Games on the right track.

“I am optimistic that we are on the right track and that support for the 2023 Philippine ROTC Games will pour and overflow. Recognizing both challenges as well as opportunities, I am hopeful that our activity today has started the ball rolling in the right direction for the ROTC Games next year,” he added.