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From dance marathons to affordable camp rates, we have laid the perks of the upcoming three-day ‘Kapit Sining’ event this year!

/ 16 November 2020

Social media interactions have compensated for the lack of physical connection among peers and families amid Covid-19 lockdowns. The pandemic has taken so much from us as we are forced to minimize our social activities to keep the virus from spreading.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, LGAC, a community that celebrates art in its varying forms, refused to cave in and thought of a program that is aimed at keeping artistry alive in the corners of our humble homes.

Kapit Sining, a program conceived in 2018 celebrates artistry in different forms–visual arts, music, literature, architecture, dance, theater, and film. For Kapit Sining 2020, LGAC aims to keep the ball rolling by putting up a three-day online camp which will be joined by prominent artists from the Philippines and across the globe. 

If this seems interesting to you, wait until you hear the perks of joining this year’s Kapit Sining camp!

1.) Learn from 15 local and international choreographers

Dancing is a versatile art form, to be able to learn more, you have to get the insight of more than one choreographer. 

That is why in Kapit Sining 2020, 15 local and international choreographers have come together to teach you varying styles that you can use to level up your game. 

Keep your shoelaces tight as choreographers Reflex Gotangco, Adam Alonzo, and Nikolai Balbon incorporate their ideas and teach you different dancing techniques.

2.) Show what you’ve got through a dance marathon! 

Nothing beats the feeling of learning from prominent people and applying it to your artwork. The Kapit Sining 2020 dance camp will allow you to showcase your skills behind the lenses of your gadgets. 

If you have the energy of a thirsty artist, this camp is the perfect platform for you to be mentored and have your skills honed. Building connections will also be easier through this camp.  

3.) A highlight on dance x film collaboration

Dancing and film are two artforms that are usually separated in many outputs, but the Kapit Sining program has managed to combine the two volumes to produce an undeniably exceptional craft.

A film which highlights the collaboration between film and dance will also be featured on the LGAC website. Its directors will also hold a community talk every night to discuss the fundamental parts of the film.

The likes of Noah del Rosario, Rian Simon Magtaan, Leah Gonzales, and Elgin Bez are expected at the camp. 

4.) The rates are affordable

For a project that is thoughtfully made, the rate for Kapit Sining 2020 is surprisingly AFFORDABLE. For just P2,200, you can enjoy the privileges of a VIP pass! 

The VIP pass let’s you have access to all 15 classes, three films and three talks!

A P1,000 Flexi pass can give you access to five classes, one film and one talk (of choice) during the three-day camp.

There is also a P900 day pass which will grant you access to five classes, one film and one talk. Lastly, a P350 custom pass can give you access to one class.

5.) Help out fellow artists

Joining the Kapit Sining 2020 will not only be beneficial for your own growth but to other artists as well–Through the years, Kapit Sining has managed to share its proceeds to homegrown artists. 

This year, the program will once again support the local art scene as it promises to provide 100 percent of its proceeds to the members of LGAC.

Did these perks make you excited? Here’s how you can join Kapit Sining 2020: 

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Choose your event pass
  3. Deposit your payment
  4. Send proof of payment
  5. Wait for verification
  6. Log in