More local outfits are showcasing their cinematic masterpieces for free and here's the latest addition to your roster of must-see films.

/ 2 September 2020

This September, we’re getting more free films to watch for free in YouTube. With the successful reception of recent full streaming films, local outfits are showcasing more cinematic masterpieces for everyone at home to enjoy.

GMA Network, Cinema One, and TBA Studios are among some of the production houses that are actively exhibiting their films online. For the past three days, new additions offer more excitement towards viewers because rosters include award-winning movies by acclaimed directors like Pepe Diokno, Samantha Lee, Jerrold Tarog, to name a few. Now only was it a show of talent and prestige of the local film industry but also, it invites and encourages viewers to support local.

Here are some recommended films you can enjoy from YouTube:


After 25 years of marriage, professors Jimmy and Issey Tolentino’s relationship gets rough as they both embark on their own pursuits. Jimmy falls in love with a deity from his research who he mistakes for the ghost of his past lover. Issey, on the other hand, went to Dumaguete to teach a writing workshop for students. She meets a young writer named Gab whose national literary prize for his work about his sexual awakening will then ensue a turmoil in the story.

This Cinemalaya 2014 film directed by Giancarlo Abrahan V has won several prestigious awards at the Gawad Urian Awards including Eula Valdez for Best Actress and Martin del Rosario for Best Supporting Actor.

Baka Bukas

A queer story about Alex, a Manila-based creative who is out among her friends except to her best friend, Jess. But behind it all, Jess growing up with Alex developed feelings for her and this ensues a confrontation of their relationship towards each other.

The Cinema One Originals film directed by Samantha Lee has been lauded for its LGBTQ+ visibility in the mainstream. The film has a light tone to it but its bold approach in a coming-of-age genre has been recognized through the years.

Mamu: and a Mother Too

A transgender sex worker dreams of having breast implants to support her job. But on her way to earning enough funds for the operation, she unexpectedly assumed the role of a mom to her orphaned niece whose also a transgender exploring her sexuality. As she struggles to find the balance of working for her family and for her own aspirations, she begins to feel the pressures of her age in her industry.

This Cinema One Originals film has bagged awards during the C1 Awards including Best Supporting Actor for Arron Villaflor and Best Actress for Iyah Mina. The win of Iyah Mina has been historic for a transgender to win the coveted award that has only been won through the years by natural-born women. Her feat is a step towards the recognition of transgenders as women of the society.

Heneral Luna

This biopic tells the courageous life of Heneral Antonio Luna during the revolution on the Philippine-American War. However, while the enemies are visibly out in the open, there are also traitors in his midst with some countrymen that are not on his side.

This film has been widely-recognized for its amazing cinematography and action-packed experience that clearly made good use of its high budget. It was instantly a hit and has been imprinted on Philippine pop culture. Along with its brilliant theatrics, it has also bagged prestigious awards at the Gawad Urian Awards including Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Direction, and Best Sound.

Sana Dati

Set during a wedding reception, Andrea is about to become a wife to someone she doesn’t love until he meets a photographer that reminds him of someone she once truly loved.

Another Jerrold Tarog film, this Cinemalaya 2013 selection was a massive hit for its clever narration and creative execution. It has bagged the coveted awards of its festival including the likes of Best Film and Best Director.

Above the Clouds

A teen goes on a hike with his estranged grandfather. Upon reaching its peak, he lets go of his grief from losing his parents when he witnesses the majestic scene above the clouds.

Deemed by Director Pepe Diokno as his love letter to the Philippines. It premeried on Cinemalaya 2015 and has since navigated the international film festival scene for its spectacular cinematography and story that talks about the saga of grief and loss.

Since we’re here checking out films, here’s a classic that just resurfaced that will make you reminisce on the past and see how veteran stars of today looked back then.

Bonus: TGIS Series

This juvenile TV series tells about a group of teens that belong to above-average class families. A coming-of-age show that has a diverse theme that spans from simple teenage issues to complex adolescent issues where they will try to solve their situations without seeking help from adults.

T.G.I.S. is a local cult classic that has bred many veteran stars we know today including Bobby Andrews, Angelu de Leon, Red Sternberg, Michael Flores, Ciara Sotto, Onemig Bondoc, Antoinette Taus, and more. The show was uploaded on Aug. 29 and currently has 13 episodes in GMA Network’s YouTube channel.