/ 12 November 2021

A GROUP of private schools asked the Department of Education to allow them to finish the school year using blended learning.

They also asked that they be allowed to hold face-to-face classes in June next year.

“Some of our FAPSA [Federation of Associations of Private Schools Administrators] schools started classes in June 2021 and March 2022 is closing time. Public schools shall close in June of 2022 as they started in September,” FAPSA President Eleazardo Kasilag said in a statement.

In a recent meeting, Kasilag said school administrators and teachers asked FAPSA to appeal to the education department to let them finish the last quarter of the school year using the system they are currently using.

“Really, it is possible that we may reopen for a period and then a pronouncement may be made to lockdown again temporarily. Because of the developing condition, schools will need to be flexible and ready to adapt but private schools wish to stay intact in this present set-up,” Kasilag said.

He added that the schools need more funds to improve their facilities to be fit for in-person classes.

“We are also tight on funds; our teachers are given a slashed pay and they may have to ask for regular salary, as they shall need budget for fare, snacks and other items, which are not big problems during work from home,” Kasilag said.

Some schools also accepted students residing outside Metro Manila. Face-to-face learning shall affect their academic standing, he said.

“I know Secretary Briones already hinted that private schools may opt to continue but some private school administrators need to hear a fresh mandate as far as this appeal is concerned,” Kasilag said.