/ 16 August 2023

THE government’s campaign against disinformation should focus on the youth because young people are more likely to believe wrong or harmful information from the internet.

“What we are attempting to do here is specifically we also direct our attention to young people. Because they are the most involved, because they are the ones we consider being online, being on the internet as part of their life,” President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said.

“We must give them the tools to be able to look and see what are these things that we are reading, the tools for them to be able to tell what is important, what is not. What is relevant,” he added.

To avoid falling victim to disinformation, Marcos advised internet users to always “know the source” of the information.

“We have all heard the phrase, ‘know your source.’ So that is perhaps the first step that we can do for our people, to say ‘know your source,’ tingnan niyo kung saan galing, kung ano ‘yung kwento na ‘yan,” he said.

“Baka mamaya nag-inuman lang ‘yan at nagsulat ng kung ano-ano sa internet at naniwala naman tayo.”