Team Fnatic will be the second Southeast Asia representative at The International 10 which will be held in Europe in August this year.

/ 4 July 2021

This came after Fnatic made a series comeback and reverse swept TNC Predator with a score of 3:2 last Saturday night.

TNC reached the grand finals after eliminating Boom Esports at the lower bracket finals in a grueling best of three on the same day.

TNC seemed to be the sure victors after scoring a 2:0 lead against Fnatic at the start of the series but was eventually fended off by two-game straight first phase Terrorblade and Lion picks.

Recap of the series.

TNC came hot to the series and dominated the lanes for the first two games against Fnatic. They sealed their wins with superior team fight executions with their Ursa and Phantom Assasin.

Game 1 ended with a 33K gold lead in favor of TNC in 36 minutes. The second game also ended with TNC garnering a total of 22k gold lead and ended in 56 minutes in a back-and-forth game fashion.

Game 3 however, swung in favor of Fnatic with Terrorblade, Pangolier, and Death Prophet trio, outfighting TNC in team fights.

Fnatic recorded a total of 26K gold lead at the end of the game on 43 minutes.

Game 4 came out with a similar Lion-Terroblade pick from Fnatic against TNC’s Puck, Medusa, and Dragon Knight cores.

The Terrorblade’s farm was left unchecked the whole game, and continued to be on top networth, which became unkillable in the late game.

The game ended with a 30k gold lead in 44 minutes in Favor of Fnatic, with their Terroblade logging zero deaths in games 3 and 4.

The decider game looked one-sided from 17 minutes onward, in favor of Fnatic, with their carry Axe chopping the game away from TNC.

Fnatic started their massive gold lead with 10k in 25 minutes, after winning a team fight at TNC’s tier 2 offlane tower.

The game ended with a 31k gold lead from Fnatic at 34 minutes, with zero deaths from their carry Axe.

Fnatic will join T1, the lone SEA team that was directly invited by Valve after securing enough points throughout the Dota Pro Circuit this season, at the $40 million dollar tournament.

Fnatic’s players are Marc Polo Luis ‘Raven’ Fausto and Djardel ‘DJ’  Mampusti from the Philippines, Ng Kee ‘ChYuan’ Chyuan from Malaysia, Yang Wu ‘Deth’ Heng from Singapore, and Anucha ‘Jabz’ Jirawong from Thailand.

TNC’s all Filipino line up on the other hand is composed of Kim ‘Gabbi’ Villafuerte, Armel Paul ‘Armel’ Tabios, Jun ‘Bok’ Kanehara, Timothy ‘Tims’ Randrup, and Marvin ‘Boomy’ Rushton.