/ 10 January 2023

THE ALLIANCE of Concerned Teachers urged the government to “truly utilize the National Achievement Test in improving education quality in the country.”

The NAT for Grade 12 students is scheduled on January 30 and 31.

“Dalawang dekada na ang NAT pero paano ba ito ginamit para seryosong tasahin ang kalidad ng edukasyon, alamin ang mga ugat na problema at resolbahin ang mga ito? Malinaw na wala, dahil nananatili at lumalala ang mga ugat na problema at patuloy na dumadausdos ang kalidad ng ating edukasyon,” Vladimer Quetua, the group’s chairperson, said.

“This year’s NAT is of special significance as it will be the first since the pandemic and the ensuing learning crisis of the problematic implementation of distance learning. If done properly, it can give us a clearer picture of the crisis in education that we are experiencing right now,” Quetua added.

He said that If analyzed honestly and critically, NAT results “can lead us to identifying and addressing the key problems that bog down education quality.”

In previous years, NAT results have consistently shown the low proficiency level of students in practically all subject areas.

“Our students were pitied while our teachers were frowned at for the dismal performance, but there have not been significant reforms implemented to create an enabling learning environment by filling in the grave shortages in classrooms, teachers and materials, and resolving the overworked and underpaid situation of our teachers,” Quetua said.