Here's to all the special people out there who gave us some light in our darkest days. In DonWilson's track, Luna, he sings of romantic love, hope, and believing we deserve it.

/ 27 January 2021

Def Jam Philippines ushers in the romance early on the year with the help of newly signed artist DonWilson and his fresh debut entitled ‘Luna’. The power of love is strong with the 18-year-old artist who aims to channel a sweet concoction of passion, desire, and gratitude all in one track.

The track begins with a raspy string melody that sets the mood with a sultry groove, developed further with a soft drumbeat and breezy piano melody. The moment DonWilson’s vocals comes along, you know that the track both uplifts and humbles.

Gusto kong maramdaman nila pag pinakikinggan nila ‘yung ‘Luna’ na kamahal-mahal sila kahit feeling nila na hindi sila kamahal-mahal (I want the listener to feel that they’re loved especially when they think they don’t deserve it),” DonWilson shares.

“Na may tao kang makikilala sa unexpected na panahon na liligtas sayo from nothing hanggang magkaroon ulit ng pag asa na magsimula ulit. (That they met someone at an unexpected time who’s going to save you until you find hope in yourself to start fresh)”

A song like this can only come from a genuine place, and for DonWilson, it’s inspired by an interaction from his personal past that he can never forget. DonWilson shares that he was inspired by someone who gave him a reason to not give up on his singing dreams. For him, dedicating the track to this person is his way of giving thanks. You can hear his emotions in full swing throughout the whole track.

Ring in the wedding bells or prepare the bouquet of roses; ‘Luna’ is an articulation on the language of love in its most kilig-worthy form: romantic love. But it’s also a message of thanks to the people who were there during the worst of times. Luna is not a name of a specific person, DonWilson clarifies, but rather a symbolic name for someone who gave him hope during his darkest days. What gives light during these dark times? Moonlight—an allegory for love, and now hope.

‘Luna’ is sure to put you into a romantic mood, and just in time as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Send this track as a way of sending your love and let ‘Luna’ say the words for you. That’s the power of music.