/ 14 December 2021

ACT TEACHER Party-list Rep. France Castro on Monday called on the Department of Education, the Department of Health and the Department of Justice to immediately implement the Filipino Sign Language Act.

Castro and former Representative Antonio Tinio welcomed the approval of the long-awaited Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 11106 or the Filipino Sign Language Act.

As principal authors of the law, both commended the efforts and determination of the deaf community to make sure that their law is properly implemented.

“The passage of RA 11106 or the Filipino Sign Language Act and the approval of its Implementing Rules and Regulations were the result of the long struggle and collective push and campaign of the deaf community,” Castro said.

She added that Tinio had been in close communication with the deaf community since 2012 and supports their fight for the Filipino Sign Language bill to become law.

“Now, because of their strength, courage and the tireless lobbying in Congress, we were able to pass a law and its IRR that seeks to realize the rights of the Filipino deaf to full and equal participation in society by enabling the acquisition of life and social development skills through the use of Filipino Sign Language as the language of instruction, in an environment which respects their identity and distinct capabilities,” she added.

Tinio said the law embodies the principles of the UN Convention of Persons with Disabilities.

“It fills up the blanks in our society and governmental policies, especially as regards education, health, other social services and media which make everyday life difficult for the Filipino deaf community. Difficulties not just in mobility, but also access to basic social services like education and health and rights to information,” he said.