/ 20 October 2021

A YOUTH group on Monday hit the Commission on Higher Education for its failure to adopt measures to enhance the quality of education and for allowing limited face-to-face classes.

Take Up Space Movement said that the decision to hold physical classes was “impractical without support for teachers and students.”

It denounced the commission “failing to consider” other factors that affect the quality of education.

“More pressing conditions that need to be met are subsidies and the retrofitting of school facilities and its surrounding environment,” the group said in a statement.

“Once again, students and teachers are left all by themselves to shoulder the needs for transitioning to face-to-face classes. This was similar to one of the very reasons why a large number of students dropped out from schools during the abrupt transition to distance learning,” it added.

Citing various problems encountered by learners during online classes, TUSM stressed that holding limited physical classes by geographic areas “are again doomed to fail, specifically if CHED does “not take up the necessities” that should be done beforehand.

“We have suffered long enough. The quality of education that we receive has long been neglected and compromised due to CHED’s incompetence and lack of urgency for their academic needs,” the group said.

Currently, in-person classes are allowed in select degree programs like health and science, technology and engineering, tourism and hospitality managements and maritime.

CHED Chairman Prospero De Vera III earlier said that the agency is studying the possibility of reopening schools in areas with low Covid19 risk and high vaccination rate.