Def Jam Philippines launches a mega collab with its biggest acts on a track that brings hope in these dark days.

/ 23 February 2021

Def Jam Philippines is exploring sonically uncharted territory with its recent initiatives, from recruiting hidden gems and deserving artists to bringing together artists in ways where the sum is bigger than its parts. Def Jam Philippines’s expansive new project centered on collaborations, features beat-smith Mark Beats, hip-hop veterans Mike Swift and D-Coy, and breakout stars of the new school, Alisson Shore and Kiyo, on a track that’s guaranteed to be in your playlist: Beautiful Day.

Beautiful Day starts the year right with a fresh hit that’ll definitely put a smile on your face. With Mark Alisson’s signature sound of groovy beats boosted with some bounce by Mark Beats, the track hits you with a wave of head bouncing melodies right off the bat. Kiyo and Alisson Shore seamlessly trade verses that ride the beat as smooth as butter. D-Coy comes prepared with his versatile flows while Mike Swift flawlessly switches between English and Tagalog as expected from the artists with more than a decade of experience in their respective belts. The result is a flawless effort to bridge the old and the new, a combination of styles that come out as one stellar track.

Alisson Shore and Mark Beats brainstormed on the beat, with Alisson Shore forming the chorus shortly after followed by Kiyo’s verse. D-Coy, and Mike Swift listened to the work in progress and separately dropped their respective verses on the spot.

Def Jam Philippines flagship project of uniting various people from hip-hop culture, and bringing together artists in such a wide landscape across the Philippine archipelago is a huge feat. Def Jam Philippines reaches towards the underground and the mainstream, the old and the new, and bridges them together to join forces and make ways towards the rest of the world. More collaborative projects will be released this 2021.

Beautiful Day brings this ambitious project to life with the objective right in its core: a message of solidarity and good wellbeing that knocks on your heart as you listen to the rhythm of the beat and the words of the all-star cast behind the stellar track. A perfect start to the year.