/ 14 July 2023

THE 2nd Congressional Commission on Education or EDCOM 2 discovered that access to learning and teaching materials is uneven.

The Commission made this finding during consultations with teachers on teaching and learning resources, learning loss recovery, measurement of learning outcomes and school governance issues.

The teacher-participants were divided into subgroups based on key stages and subjects, with teachers of particular subjects like Science, Mathematics, and English grouped together to facilitate the discussion.

On learning outcomes, the participants expressed concern on the delayed release of the results of system assessments, which makes it difficult for schools to use them as basis for interventions.

Discussions on learning losses also underscored the need for remediation, which requires sufficient time for instruction outside regular class hours to help learners catch up.

The results of the discussions will be collected and analyzed by the EDCOM 2 Technical Secretariat and its partner research organizations in order to inform policy recommendations for the education sector.

The results will also be submitted to the Department of Education for its consideration.