/ 10 October 2021

THE DEPARTMENT of Science and Technology signed a partnership agreement with Mapua University to implement a doctorate program in Material Science with specialization in nanotechnology.

DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña said the program is another milestone in the country’s growing nanotech portfolio.

“This is a significant undertaking as we formally launch a pioneering program for advanced studies in nanotechnology, which we gladly want to support under our scholarship offerings,” he said.

The program aims to give technical knowledge and hands-on training to graduate students in the conduct of their research projects on nanotechnology.

Under the partnership, the DOST’s Industrial Technology Development Institute will provide technical assistance, research facilities, and guidance on research areas for the students’ dissertations.

It will also help screen and recruit students for the program.

“The DOST and Mapua University will jointly pursue publication of results in technical journals. The two will also jointly evaluate the results of this program, and plan on how to further strengthen this,” De la Peña said.

Nanotech has various applications such as in the field of medicine, energy, agriculture, food production and safety, space science, semiconductors and electronics, and information technology.

“Over the years, DOST has initiated several collaborations between leading universities and research institutions, both locally and internationally,” he said.

“These mostly focused on semiconductors, agricultural applications, food safety, pest control, and medicinal applications. Hence, we need to push for more programs for its development,” he added.