/ 21 June 2024

IN LIGHT of the resignation of Vice President Sara Duterte as secretary of the Department of Education, a group of non-teaching personnel emphasizes the importance of ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of policies and programs currently in place.

The DepEd NEU also urged President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to expedite the appointment of a capable and visionary successor who can continue the reforms and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in the country.

“Secretary Sara Duterte has initiated programs among others Matatag Curriculum. We hope that there will be continuity of good programs and projects after July 19, 2024,” DepEd NEU president Domingo Alidon said in a statement.

The group said they remain committed to collaborating with the new leadership of the agency.

“We believe that constructive dialogue and cooperation between the union and the DepEd management are essential to address the challenges we face and to implement effective solutions,” Alidon said.

According to the group, the resignation of Vice President Sara Duterte is a significant event in the landscape of Philippine education.

“While it presents challenges, it also opens opportunities for renewed focus and energy in addressing the needs of our educational system,” Alidon said.

“The DepEd National Employees Union remains steadfast in its mission to support our members and advocate for a high-quality, equitable, and resilient education system for all Filipino students,” he added.

Vice President Duterte on Wednesday resigned as secretary of the Department of Education and vice chairperson of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict. She, however, did not provide a reason why she quit her post.