Brazilian coach Jose Inacio Salles Neto will join and help the national team program of the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) in preparation for the Southeast Asian Games in Hanoi, Vietnam.

/ 26 April 2022

The Philippine men’s and women’s teams will have better guidance for the SEA Games in Hanoi as strength and conditioning coach Neto from the FIVB’s technical and development department will bolster the team.

In collaboration with Philippine team coach Jorge Edson Souza de Brito and physical therapist Grace Gomez, the Brazilian national team trainer remained for three days and conducted an initial individual examination of the players.

“He focuses more on basic and proper movements. He doesn’t allow athletes to work out if their bodies are not prepared for intense activities. The treatment of injuries are likewise addressed and how to heal them during workouts,” said Gomez.

After such, the said development was shared by PNVF and barred that the advent of coach Neto will focus on strengthening and preventing injuries during intense workouts, and others such as physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and technical development.

“I’m greatly honored to be a part of the team. I’m here for the continuous technical support from the FIVB and I have the opportunity to stay with the group,” said Neto, per an official release from the PNVF.

“This is my duty, just to give support to the staff in preparing the integration of different parts of the training process,” said Neto.

Coach Neto will officially join the squad on May 2 and will be a substantial addition to the volleyball team, as the men’s division is vying for a title after winning a silver medal in 2019, and the women’s division is vying for their first medal ever since joining in 2015.