/ 2 August 2021

NUEVA Ecija 2nd District Rep. Micaela Violago filed a measure that seeks to designate the Central Luzon State University as regional research and development zone.

Violago said that House Bill 9635 or the proposed CLSU as Research and Development Regional Zone Act will put the university in a better position to fulfill its mandates.

Under the measure, CLSU will develop practical and innovative technologies through research and empower community for nation building, global competitivemess, and sustainable development.

It will get an initial funding of P20 million for the implementation of research programs.

The CLSU, founded in 1907, is a premiere comprehensive university with banner programs in agricultural science and technology and allied fields. It was lauded by the Commission on Higher Education for its excellent performance in the areas of instruction, research and publication, extension and linkages, and institutional qualifications.

“Over the years, CLSU continues to implement research programs of high impact and significance to the agriculture sector which is dubbed as the country’s backbone,” Violago said.

For the last three years, CLSU researchers and the university’s strong collaborations with its partner institutions yielded a conservative estimate of P952 million worth of funding support for the implementation of cutting edge research and development projects.